Invent It

We give a product challenge, you invent a solution.

Pitch It

Sell your best solution to our panel of experts.

Make It

Prototype your solution before time expires.

Win It

Inventor, maker, presenter, the best team is all three.

Make48 is a competition event fostering innovation and invention.

Teams from all backgrounds and places develop ideas in a weekend invent-a-thon.

48 hours to plan, prototype and pitch an idea for prizes and licensing potential.

Make48…Everyone’s got a big idea.

Make48: More Than Just An Invention Competition.

Make48 KC October 28-30, 2016.

In collaboration with the Kansas City Art Institute.

Ideas Made Real in a Weekend.

Make48 KC Judging Brands

Media Representatives Attending Make48 KC

Guest Stars at Make48 KC:

Amazing Sponsors Make It Great!

At Make48, teams of people from around the world use their ideas, expert advice and cutting edge tools to transform businesses’ everyday problems into solutions, products and ultimately- successes.

Make48 empowers the inventor in all of us through generous support of dynamic individuals, companies and organizations that sponsor and contribute to our efforts.

Join our family of incredible Make48™ sponsors to fuel this competition, shape a growing story and help us prove, everyone’s got a big idea.

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