Rich Brull



Competition has always been a source of inspiration. In the early ’90s, Rich began building robots for Robot Wars, the live event and eventual television show.Rich and his team performed so well, the founder of Robot Wars invited them to represent the United States at the heavyweight championship in England later on in ’90s.

In 2011, Rich brought five of his friends in Kansas City together to form The Steel Table Group. With several patents pending, the Group continues to pitch product ideas for licensing. Rich has been involved with the Maker movement for more than a decade now. He currently sits on the Inventor Center of Kansas City’s board. His young son Ted is a talented inventor in his own right, having started not one but two profitable companies.


Curt McMillan


Make48 co-creators Curt McMillan and Rich Brull are a dream team. The longtime friends and Kansas City natives have been collaborating for years now. Curt’s first official foray into product development was competing with Rich in the Staples Invention Quest. Drawing on his success as a national high school debate champion.

Inspired to keep inventing, Curt helped found the The Steel Table Group. Curt has been participating in the Maker movement for more than a decade. He is currently President of the Inventors Center of Kansas City, the largest association for inventors in the country as well as a 501c3 nonprofit organization. He formed Make48 in part because he wanted to help bridge the gap between those communities.

He envisions Make48 as a facilitator, a vehicle that will show people who are bright and creative and have good ideas the way. The competition is really a celebration of the magic he’s experienced working towards a prize, under a lot of pressure, with the encouragement of a talented teammate by his side.


Tom Gray


Tom Gray is the senior product strategist for Make48 and Handy Camel. He joined Curt, Rich and Bob to launch Make48 from idea to concept. The Handy Camel was the proud sponsor of the inaugural Make48 held in April 2015. Tom is head of sponsorship and works with major brands worldwide to include them in all facets of Make48.


Bob Coulston


Bob Coulston is the owner of Coulston Construction, a founding member of The Steel Table Group, and an independent inventor who has successfully capitalized on new methods of product development to bring his innovations to life. His Bandit shotgun, which features no less than three firing modes, is currently sold in farm stores across the country. Bob knows inventing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. After all, he says, it was the positive feedback he received from the Maker community and other Steel Table Group members that kept him moving forward.

He has several other products he is currently developing for the market.


Courtney Benisch

Director of Events

Courtney is a graduate from Missouri State University with a degree in Public Relations and has a background in event planning, social media, and branding. As the Director of Events for Make48 she plans and executes all competitions, coordinates all public appearances, and manages all sponsor related items.

Iara circle

Iara Rios-Gonzalez

Marketing Coordinator

Iara Rios is Make48’s Marketing Coordinator, currently working out of Toronto, Canada. She was born in Paraguay and has since lived in many countries, at one point ending up in Make48 Headquarters, Kansas City, for a period. Here, she first met the Make48 team while interning for Make48 TV production company, Outpost Worldwide. Iara studied English Language and Literature and Philosophy at Western University.