joshmAmazing people!

IMPRESSED. Several teams will have creations on the market.

— Josh Malone, Inventor of Bunch o Balloons, Speaker

ATeamCool place for inventors!

Awesome people at this event, THANKS.

— A Team, Mississippi, Competitors

judyedwardsHad a great time!

GREAT program, love to sponsor one in Utah!

— Judy Edwards, Inventor of Squatty Potty, Speaker

chrisgWonderful experience!

One of the most MEMORABLE weekends I’ve been involved with.

— Chris Guerrera, Founder and CEO of Productivity And Capacity Excellence, Speaker

CreatorsOfGreatnessCan’t wait until the next Make48!

— Creators of Greatness, Missouri, Competitor

damonkNothing comes close!

Tremendous. Conception to pitch in 48hrs, COOLEST THING EVER.

— Damon Kali, Patent Attorney, Inventor, Speaker

nancytEnjoyed Make 48!

Please keep me in mind for future engagements.

— Nancy Tedeschi, Inventor of SnapIt Screw, Speaker

Team801Thank You!

Awesome experience. INSPIRED US to continue inventing products.

— Team 801, Utah, Competitors

Make48 was an incredible experience! Everyone noted the positive sense of community that was shared. The schedule for the weekend was well thought-out allowing for a maximized, integrative experience. Thanks for a wonderful weekend to the Make48 team!

— Lynn S., Attendee
The event was excellent. I sincerely appreciated that all of the speakers made themselves available and shared their information. It was very encouraging!
— Justin W., Attendee
AMAZING job putting together this event. I met SO MANY cool, like-minded professionals and made so many contacts. I learned so much. The competition was even cooler than I had imagined and I look forward to creating a team for the next event!
— Steffani A., Attendee
This event has the impact of a NASA rocket launch! The words awesome and amazing get tossed around too freely sometimes. Those words fit perfectly in describing the Make48 October 2015 conference. I was wowed and empowered.
— Walter M., Attendee
Thank you! Make48 was a GREAT event! Lots of great information!

— Larissa K., Attendee
Make48 was an excellent conference! Dynamic products & developers and no doubt, some awesome inventions will be birthed in the very near future! ‪

— Renee S., Attendee
This community is a big family of like minded people, who are craving for helping each other succeed. I'm sure many lifetime friendships have been established. Thanks for the chance to be a part of this! Can't wait for the next one!

— Alexander M., Attendee