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Make48 provides the tools and technicians to build your prototype in our 48 hour weekend invent-a-thon.

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The Ultimate Inventor Resource:

Discover IDEA Space KC | Community for Thinkers, Makers and Doers

| General | No Comments

“Achievement is not just academic. It’s freedom and exploration, it’s unlocking the independent spirit inside us all.” Those are words from a community resource for the thinkers, makers and doers of…

Lockdown With Jimmy DiResta

| General | No Comments

It’s a strange time for everyone. With the quarantine influencing everyone, including the maker movement (from DIY to industry experts), influencers are busy adapting. Confined to their homes, many have…

PPE For KC | Keeping Up With Demand

| General | No Comments

In a recent blog post, I touched on how communities are putting their efforts into helping essential workers and fabricating face shields.  PPE For KC is coordinating Makers in Kansas…

Recap Season 4 | Photo Review With UMKC Student Photographers

| General | No Comments

This year, we had two photographers from the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). Drake Miles and Triscy Ngo caught shots of our teams, guests, hardware run at Stasser’s Hardware and…

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