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Make48 provides the tools and technicians to build your prototype in our 48 hour weekend invent-a-thon.

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The Ultimate Inventor Resource:

8 Outdoor Woodworking and Welding DIY Projects To Enjoy Year-Round

| General | No Comments
Home repairs, baking bread, gardening….the past few months people worldwide are discovering and rediscovering DIY projects for almost any type of hobby.  There are so many inspiring and challenging outdoor...

Pivot International | Manufacturing in a Post-Covid World

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Pivot International | Global Reach For startups and entrepreneurs there may not be a more important question than how to find a manufacturer for your product.  A strong supporter of…

Election Announcement from Josh Malone, Inventor of Bunch O Balloons

| General | One Comment

Josh Malone is a long time Make 48 supporter and a mentor on the upcoming Season 4. He is also the inventor of Bunch O Balloons, the number one-selling outdoor…

The New York Times | “Watching” Make48

| General | One Comment

  “Make48” is sort of like a scrappier “Shark Tank,” with a little “Making It,” “The Amazing Race” and “Mythbusters” in the mix. Watching from the New York Times is a…

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