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Make48: World’s Fastest Invention Competition 


Make48 provides the tools and technicians to build your prototype in our 48 hour weekend invent-a-thon.

It is a valuable resource for anyone and everyone to gain insight into the innovation community.

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Creating for a Cause | Izzy Swan and Meghan Baker in The Maker Series

| General, Proof | No Comments
We completed our October Maker Series event with creators Izzy Swan and Meghan Baker! The small, private event was designed to raise awareness for Stanley Black & Decker and Autism...

Make48 Challenges YouTube Maker Stars to Invent for Autism Speaks

| General | No Comments

Adapting its typical in-person format, the fast-paced invention competition Make48 is launching a new virtual series that will challenge some of YouTube’s biggest maker stars and help charities along the…

Recap Season 4 with Team Homestar

| General | No Comments

  Meet Austin-based team Homestar, Kirby, Robyn, and Kimberly. Kirby is returning to Make48 and he’s bringing two new team members with him, Kimberly and Robyn. The Texas team discusses…

Protect Your Ideas | All About My Invention and Inventors Planner & Journal

| General | No Comments

Has it been invented yet? What do I need to do to make my idea come to reality? Inventing is a long process, and a former USPTO patent examiner and…

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