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Make48 provides knowledge and resources about prototyping, manufacturing, marketing, video creation, and more!


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Make48: World’s Fastest Invention Competition 


Make48 provides the tools and technicians to build your prototype in our 48 hour weekend invent-a-thon.

It is a valuable resource for anyone and everyone to gain insight into the innovation community.

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The Ultimate Inventor Resource:

Watch The Newest Season of Make48 In Your City | Starting September 2

| General | No Comments

Six months ago people from around the country gathered together to be in a crazy invention-competition called Make48. Starting September 2nd, viewers can watch this family, friendly competition of people…

Recap Season 4 with Team World’s A-Part

| General | One Comment

There are many challenges at a Make48 event and for Kyle, Darrell and Adnan, it was even more so. Before the competition the three men were strangers, living hundreds of…

Building A Makerspace

| General | 3 Comments

    What does it take to build a makerspace? Bucky and Melissa Miller from Millers Rustic Sawmill, are learning what it means as they renovate a 100+ year old building….

8 Outdoor Woodworking and Welding DIY Projects To Enjoy Year-Round

| General | No Comments
Home repairs, baking bread, gardening….the past few months people worldwide are discovering and rediscovering DIY projects for almost any type of hobby.  There are so many inspiring and challenging outdoor...

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