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Make48 provides the tools and technicians to build your prototype in our 48 hour weekend invent-a-thon.

It is a valuable resource for anyone and everyone to gain insight into the innovation community.

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The Ultimate Inventor Resource:

Community Of Makers Fabricating Face Shields

| General, Proof | No Comments

With more and more people falling ill to COVID-19, hospitals and healthcare professionals are asking for help and many in our community are taking the call.  Hammerspace Community Workshop, a Kansas…

Public Relations with the PSPR Agency

| General, Proof | No Comments

Described by bosses as “a word wizard,” Robb Yagmin is the President of the outstanding PR firm, PSPR.  As an ex-TV reporter, Robb has an insight that many others in…

Xyla Foxlin | Meet the Founder of Beauty and the Bolt and Co-host of Make48

| General, Proof | No Comments

This past March, Make48 filmed the latest season at Union Station with ten teams, tool techs, volunteers, film crew, and for the first time, Make48 brought in two co-hosts, Jimmy…

That’s A Wrap For Season 4!

| General | 2 Comments

March 4th, people from all over the country flew to Kansas City to compete in Make48. The successful event was held at Union Station – Science City, with teams creating…

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