Big Name Brands Sponsor Make48

By September 18, 2015General

One of the challenges we face hosting Make48 is drumming up excitement about the competition without revealing exactly what the challenges are.

We don’t even want to reveal what product category they exist in!

(The theme of the first Make48 challenge, for the record, was kitchen.)

As Make48 co-creator Rich Brull puts it, “I know if I knew what the category was, I’d come prepared. I’d have thought up dozens of innovations. I’d bring CAD drawings with me!” We want to shout out the big name brands we’ve partnered with to review winning teams’ ideas, but we can’t. We might tip someone off. We would spoil the surprise. And that’s just not a risk we’re willing to take. For the time being, the tips of our tongues are burning.

That having been said, we can tell you some of the big name brands powering Make48. The competition wouldn’t be possible without them.

In no particular order, they are:

Westlake ACE Hardware

Smithfield Foods 

Media One Products


Foundation Media

Alchemy Media

StoryTorch Studios 


The Handy Camel

R&D Prototype

Julie Scott Law

Cumulus Media

Liberate Electronic Design

The Roasterie Air Roasted Coffee 

Ewe Invent

Shining Stars Catering,

Voepel Property Management

Mod Socket


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