Why Make48 Is Different Than Other Competitions

By February 29, 2016Tips and Tricks

The Make48 competition is not like anything else out there and I will tell you why. Our 48-hour invent-a-thon is not for the high tech inventors. Invent-a-thons are nothing new, but often the aim is to create a high tech device or app for the big corporate brands. Make48 is for the everyday inventors who love to create everyday stuff. The kind of stuff you see in the local hardware store.

So what qualities make a great team? It’s simple—it’s those everyday people, with everyday job, and dream big like all the other people out there. Teams can range from two to four innovative people. Many successful teams have a mixed blend of talent. We often see qualified engineers, mixed with a great salesperson. Why? You have to pitch and impress the judges, not just build a product. The younger generation is often having some of the best ideas, so we see a lot of Millennials compete in Make48.

Our Make48 competition has numerous “Tool Techs” on standby to help you get that idea from a napkin to a functional prototype within 48 hours. Our Tool Techs are leaders in their industry and they operate 3D printers, CNC machines, welding machines, and will help build your prototype with you. Even if you have zero experience using them, the Tool Techs will be there to help at any time.

When choosing your teammates remember that simple often wins. You are creating a simple, low tech product. Products you use every day yourself. Everyday people with no great invention achievements often score higher than a team of highly qualified designers. So anyone and everyone can win Make48!

Make sure you apply today to be in the next Make48 challenge in June!


Tom Gray

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