Speaker Spotlight: Judy Edwards From The Squatty Potty

By March 16, 2016General

Over the years I have seen many entrepreneurs and industry professionals speak. The speakers I admire the most are the ones that went the whole way from nothing to success, and invested their own money along the way. They took the risk themselves. These people are fascinating and all have extremely helpful advice. One speaker Make48 has had in the past is Judy Edwards from the Squatty Potty.

Judy Edwards from the famous Squatty Potty is probably one of my favorite speakers we’ve had at Make48. A product that has captured the world for a problem no one wants to discuss. We all had the privilege to listen to Judy speak at Make48 this past October. Squatty Potty is very much a family business, and we love it. They are fun to be around and know. I ran into Judy and her husband recently at the Housewares show in Chicago, and was in awe of them as we discussed where they are at and where they are heading in terms of their business. The Squatty Potty business is growing rapidly thanks to an awesome video. Who knew having an ice cream pooping unicorn star in your video would lead up to 80 million views worldwide? You could mistake Judy, Bill, and Bobby for being the neighbors next door. Kind at heart and very personable. Underneath, their family is one of the most interesting and entrepreneurial family businesses out there. If you get the chance to meet the Squatty Potty family, you will not be disappointed.


Tom Gray


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