What Goes Into A Perfect Make48 App Video?

By March 2, 2016Tips and Tricks

One of the requests in the application process for Make48 is to submit a short team video. Although this can be a bit intimidating, reality is, there is nothing to fear! After all, in comparison, you are submitting to create an invention idea in 48 hours, right? THIS is the easy part.

Make48 is simply looking for a sample of your personality, your interests, and what excites you most about inventing and competing in our make-like-mad weekend. Something simple but spirited. Your first quick pitch of what could be bigger one to come. To help, here are 5 suggestions to guide you:

  1. Keep it short and easy, 1-2 minutes is perfect.
  2. Provide a sense of you – your team, your personalities.
  3. No Oscar winners needed! Don’t over think it, you’ll sink it.
  4. If you have a project or make to show off your skills, show off!
  5. Have FUN, as creative as you want to be. At Make48, you’ll need to be!

The team application can be found here!

Good luck!

Curt McMillan

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