Why Make48 Is A Special Event

By March 10, 2016General

When asked about my favorite Make48 experience I had a tough time deciding what to say, the whole thing was such a wonderful experience. I know it may sound a little cliché to say that, but really, from the excitement of the week leading up to the event, to the moment the challenge was announced, to the final presentation when the trophies were awarded. I enjoyed all 2,880 minutes of it.

I remember being up at 2:00 AM Sunday morning working with a team that was still making napkin drawings of what they hoped their invention would look and work like. With their presentation time just 13 hours away, it was a little stressful, but they did get a working prototype finished and a pretty darn good presentation as well. I also remember another team who was about to throw in the towel on the whole thing and go home when they found out that the invention they had been working was already patented by someone else. Thanks to one of our Tool Techs, who happened to be a patent attorney, they found a nice little way to work around it. In a matter of a couple hours this team was back on track, and happy! Stressful as these moments may sound it can only be expected with a 48-hour deadline, and in the end sometimes, it is the stress of a journey that makes the trip truly worthwhile.

I love to watch the teams smile when they see their prototype come out of a 3D printer or a CNC machine when just a few hours before, was nothing more than rough drawings on a napkin. This is what makes Make48 so special. We not only inspire people from all walks of life to reach inside their own wonderful and creative minds, and pull out those ideas stuck way in the back. We also provide the tools required, and expert Tool Techs to run the tools and assist with the design of the prototypes.

After the last Make48 I had the opportunity to talk with a lot of the teams who competed, and the one thing I heard the most was how inspired they were to continue inventing and creating. This is what really makes me happy and inspires me to do and create more myself—because everyone’s got a big idea.

Rich Brull

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