Meet the 2016 Sponsors- Scrub Daddy

By April 26, 2016General

The goal of Make48 is to create everyday products that can been seen in every house around the world. We want teams to create a product that is innovative and unique, and everyone can use it. That is why we invited our next sponsor to Make48 DC! The Scrub Daddy— an everyday product we admire and use, with a founder that is just as great as the product itself. Meet Aaron Krause of Scrub Daddy! The innovative smiley face sponge has taken over the U.S. by storm and we got the chance to speak with its creator and Make48 sponsor.

Aaron Krause calls himself a “serial inventor and entrepreneur” and has over 30-years of experience in creating and selling businesses, products, and acquiring over 15 patents.  His latest and greatest invention and business to date is definitely The Scrub Daddy.  This product has become the most successful item in the history of the popular hit ABC show, Shark Tank, and has become America’s Favorite Sponge Brand in its 4 short years since launching.  Scrub Daddy, a Folcroft, PA company now employs over 50 happy workers and has launched 8 new product lines selling worldwide.

Lori Greiner, scrub daddy, shark tank

The Scrub Daddy Team

Krause got involved with Make48 after going to a tradeshow. His company participates in many national trade shows where they always meet like minded entrepreneurs and companies.  At one show he had the pleasure of meeting and instantly becoming friends with Christopher Guerrera, another Make48 sponsor, who immediately introduced him to the Make48 concept and invited us to participate.

The Make48 competition is all about igniting a fire within teams to create a product in 48 hours from napkin to full prototype. Krause told us that the Scrub Daddy had quite the “napkin to prototype” story. The Scrub Daddy began life as a concept for cleaning dirty hands because Krause didn’t like the soaps with grit and was looking for a better solution.  Unfortunately, the product flopped as a hand scrubber and his true purpose as a dishwashing and all-purpose household scrubbing tool was not discovered until 4 years later.  Krause described that the “ah-ha moment for me was while when using randomly one day at the sink, I realized the eye holes which were designed to clean around dirty fingers were actually very advantageous for holding the product and accessing the bottom of cups, bowls, mugs, and other dishes.” He said the mouth was then added for cleaning utensils— the Smile Face Scrubber was reborn!

lori greiner, shark tank, scrub daddy

Aaron pitching the Scrub Daddy on Shark Tank.

We are really excited to see Aaron Krause at the next Make48 competition in June at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History! We asked Krause if he had any advice for teams and he insisted that “once you have your plan on how to produce the solution to your challenge, quickly divide the team up into those who can get different pieces of the concept done and have them all report to one team leader as only this way can you hope to Make in 48!”

You can find more information about Aaron Krause and the Scrub Daddy on Facebook, Twitter, and website!

The Make48 Team