Meet the 2016 Sponsors- Ultimaker 3D Printers

By May 3, 2016General

When getting together our sponsors for the next Make48 event, the team and I decided to partner up with a company we’ve used in the past. I am really excited to announce our next sponsor: Ultimaker 3D Printers!

As all makers know, 3D printing is the quintessential tool for them. It would be hard to develop modern prototypes without a great 3D printer, and Ultimaker is truly the ULTIMATE 3D printer. It is the ultimate tool for all makers, really.  The previous Make48 events we’ve had a good fortune of using a dozen of ultimakers and the teams couldn’t have created their unique prototypes without them. Hearing they would be coming back this year as a top sponsor, made us ecstatic. They not only a sponsor, but are providing printers this June. Ultimaker is also sending 2 Tool Techs to help run them as well.

three-ultimakers-1Luis Rodriguez is a close confidant to the Make48 team, and he is coming as a Tool Tech to educate not only us but the teams as well about the printers. He has been one of the best Tool Techs in the world. He recently came by the Make48 office to discuss the event and how Ultimaker will be involved in the competition.

The Make48 Team with Ultimaker's Luis Rodriguez

The Make48 Team with Ultimaker’s Luis Rodriguez

We are excited to finally announce that Ultimaker is coming to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History June 10-12, 2016! You still have time to submit your team today!

Rich Brull

Co-Founder and Tool Tech

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