Meet the 2016 Sponsors- ShopBot

By May 17, 2016General

Makers and inventors need quality tools to make their prototypes. There are thousands of tools out there that people have access to across the world. One of those high quality tools that the Make48 team loves is ShopBot Tools, Inc. ShopBot was founded in Durham, North Carolina in 1996. They design, manufacture, and distribute CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machines. CNC machines are used for routers for milling, drilling, and cutting of wood, plastic, metals and other materials.

ShopBot founder, Ted Hall, created the company to make the power and precision of digital technology available to and affordable for individual Makers and small to midsize manufacturers. A ShopBot enables the use of digital fabrication with an investment of as little as $5000, so no more investing $100K or more to use CNC technology.

ShopBot CNC machines work powerfully, precisely, and affordably. This business is in their 20th year of innovating technology. They have almost 7,000 Bots that are at work in small shops and larger production facilities across the U.S. and around the world. They are used in a range of production operations from plastic trimming, to aluminum drilling to sign making,  all types of woodworking, as well as  manufacturing hi-tech housing.

We are excited to have ShopBot a part of the Make48 sponsor family!

The Make48 Team

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