Meet the 2016 Sponsors- The Paint Brush Cover

By May 30, 2016General

We all love cool and innovative inventions here at Make48. One that we have recently noticed was the Paint Brush Cover by Likwid Concepts. Think about all the brushes and rollers you ruin when you cannot finish painting in one day. All the dried up paint is so hard to get off the next day! Well, that is when a few frustrated painters stepped in. Those inventors are also our newest sponsor for our next Make48 event!

Meet Likwid Concepts and the Paint Brush Cover founders. In early 2011, Sal DePaola co-founded the Paint Brush Cover company with John DePaola, his cousin,and their friend Anthony Caputo. The covers are both lab certified to keep brushes and rollers wet for up to 6 weeks. The Paint Brush Cover holds close to 100% humidity, which is what keeps it fresh! They then pitched their idea to Shark Tank and signed a deal with Lori Greiner in 2014, which is who they wanted to sign a deal with in the beginning. 

shark tank, paint brush cover

Since then, they have developed their company into not only paint brush covers, but rollers as well! Keep an eye out for the next innovative product from Likwid Concepts.

The Make48 Team

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