Make48’s Next Stop: Kansas City Art Institute

By June 29, 2016General

After a once-in-a-lifetime Make48 competition in Washington D.C a few weeks ago, Make48 is headed back to where it all originated! The next event will be back in Kansas City, Missouri at the Art Institute on October 28th-30th. We are really excited to have it back in Kansas City, especially at a new location.

The Art Institute is a great location for a Make48 competition because it is a hub for innovation and technology. There are many buildings and degrees that are specialized in the technology Make48 works with like 3D Printing, fabrication, and more. There is a brand new building that will be finished this summer that will be the central location for all things Make48.

The new David T. Beals III Studio For Arts & Technology will have all the gadgets and machines a maker could only dream of. There will be 3D printers, CNC machines, and Laser engraving and cutting machines. We are ready to see what the teams create in this brand new space! They might even get some inspiration from a fellow KCAI graduate: Walt Disney!

Teams can now apply for the next competition in October! Make sure to follow Make48 on Twitter and Facebook to get all the updates!

The Make48 Team

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