Meet the Make48 Sponsors- Steel Table Group

By June 1, 2016General

Make48 thrives on bringing together innovators from across the world. That is why our competition is so unique and special. We bring together every day people to create amazing products in just 48 hours. Who else does that? Well, we know a few people who have banded together to create unimaginable products and take them to market. They happen to also be another great sponsor for Make48. Meet Steel Table Group!

These six guys are tinkers, makers, woodworkers, mechanics, and more. They all have a different specialty, and that’s what makes it a strong, dynamic group. Steel Table Group is made up of Rich Brull, Bob Coulston, Dale Crook, Brian Hager, Stan Fernald, and Curt McMillan. They all also believe strongly in the Make48 Movement.

This group’s foundation is solely based on fueling new ideas and products to the market, both individually and collectively. They’ve created numerous products in the past few years, and one just recently! The products range from outdoor life to fun toys.

We are excited to have all the guys of the Steel Table Group be a part of Make48 as Tool Techs this event!

The Make48 Team

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