Sponsor Spotlight: Mid-Missouri Tool and Die

By July 6, 2016General

Make48’s sponsors are companies that are hardworking and dedicated to their craft. In this new series, Sponsor Spotlight, we will be sharing insights on our sponsors and what day to day life is like in their business. First off is a local sponsor that specializes in tooling and manufacturing, Mid-Missouri Tool and Die.

Mid-Missouri Tool & Die has a diverse background and a staff with over 60 years of experience.  This small, but mighty, company has been around for the advancements of the tooling industry, so they get to advance with the technology. They work with a lot of new inventors and they pride themselves on being competitive with pricing. Many tooling companies out there have astronomical prices, and they make sure they stand out with their lower prices.

Mid-Missouri Tool and Die specializes in low tech tooling. They would prefer someone not to bring in anything high tech like a flux-capacitor. They like products like The Handy Camel’s Garden Thorn because it is a low tech product. When inventors come to them, they prefer products to be in 3D models. Regular drawings aren’t much of use because it needs to be beyond a paper idea to actually make. As for a minimun for manufacturing? There isn’t one!

At this time, Mid-Missouri Tool and Die is not involved heavily in the inventor’s community. They are more involved in the auto industry, but is open to more inventors to come to them. Mid-Missouri Tool and Die works with Tom Gray as a “middle man” between their business and inventors. Gray is able to spread the word about Mid-Missouri Tool and Die. They love that Gray and his company, The Handy Camel, takes on projects that can be profitable.  

For more information about Mid-Missouri Tool and Die, visit their website! Keep your eye out for the next Sponsor Spotlight!

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