Sponsor Spotlight: Grovewood Ventures

By July 26, 2016General

Getting your product onto the shelves of stores in the United States is quite the feat to complete. It is the “American Dream” to become successful here in the States, but what do you do after that? You go across the pond and sell your products overseas. Distributors like one of our sponsors helps with that process. This Sponsor Spotlight goes to Grovewood Ventures, a distributing company based out of the UK.

Most distributors out there have many products they work with, but not Grovewood. We spoke with Simon Parker, Managing Director, and he let us in on why Grovewood is different from most distributors. Parker explains they “are very choosy and only select the products we believe we can make an impact with AND we support our lines with ongoing PR and a presence at the relevant trade shows.”

Grovewood Venture’s products receive very much a “white glove” service. They also become part of the family receiving all the care and attention they require to be a hit in their territory. Parker and his team also has a network of like minded distributor partners in strategic parts of Europe who buy into their thinking and operate in a very similar fashion. Grovewood Ventures believes that with the services they offer along with their partners, it makes them the go to distributor for the UK and Europe.

So, now that you know a little about Grovewood Ventures and what they have to offer, how must one submit their product? Parker and his team likes a product to be an actual product, not an idea or drawing. It also has to be ready for market. They don’t just keep those submissions however. They have an active panel of preferred buyers who expect them to submit new product opportunities regularly. When asked if they work with a certain category of products, Parker explains they have “no category bias so we can consider products in all arenas.”

Inventors can either go the distributor route or choose to do it directly. So, we asked Parker what the the benefit was for an entrepreneur to use Grovewood versus going direct? Parker strongly believes it comes down to many factors: experience, know how, extensive contacts, and vendor status with the major retailers.

Getting a product overseas can be tricky, but not impossible. Parker states that “chances are if the products are liked, the supplier will be steered in the direction of a distributor anyway.” The distributors that the major retailers tend to steer towards are the giants where products become just another SKU in a catalogue, maybe enjoy a brief honeymoon period if it is lucky. Grovewood believes the white glove service they offer is fairly unique in this industry.

Being in world of invention and innovation, Grovewood joined as a sponsor last year when Make48 first launched. Make48 is important to them for many reasons: it is inspiring, insightful and offers fantastic networking opportunities. Parker adds that “the guests the event attracts are unbeatable, such as the successful Shark Tank companies. I have to say the two events I’ve attended so far, one as a judge, have set the bar so high for future events. It’s exciting times for Make48 and a real honour to be invited to be a part of it at this early stage.”

We appreciate Grovewood Ventures for being a sponsor for Make48 and cannot wait to see where the future takes us. If you would like to submit a product to Grovewood Ventures, contact their team today.

The Make48 Team

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