Sponsor Spotlight: Krueger & James Insurance

By July 12, 2016General

Our next Sponsor Spotlight goes to Krueger & James Insurance! We introduced them to you earlier this year, but we want to share with you how they work with inventors and the importance of insurance when owning your own business or product.

Krueger & James is a full service insurance agency, and works with Make 48 for not only the event, but also are the agency for the subsequent manufacturing of the products. They are independent so they have multiple insurance markets and relationships that allow them to search for and find just about anything to fit the need of the client.  They handle startups all the way to very large businesses.  They’ve been in this business for an average of over 20 years and their service staff is exceptionally trained and eager to provide top notch service.

In their experience with startups, Krueger & James Insurance believe entrepreneurs ask the best questions when going over insurance. Entrepreneurs and inventors want to understand what they purchase and why it’s necessary. The agency love that education factor, so working with a new company gets them charged up!

Krueger & James wants all inventors to know when insuring their business or product, to choose an agency wisely. Pick a reliable, knowledgeable insurance agent.  Inventors have to depend on their expertise and ability to locate the proper insurance product, negotiate the price, and place the coverage.  Then they have to stay in touch and make sure the business doesn’t change.  Don’t buy insurance based on price only.  Deena James of Krueger & James says “you’ll get what you pay for, which may be little to nothing.” In terms of maximizing investments with insurance companies, James also believes that purchasing the correct product at the best price available.  And the best way to get the correct product is to pick the insurance agent wisely.

When working with startups and inventors, Krueger & James Insurance can handle anything! James and the rest of the staff are just a phone call away!

For more information on Krueger & James Insurance, head over to their website.

The Make48 Team

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