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Shark Tank has brought thousands of innovative products to your television screen over the past few years. One of those products comes from our very next Sponsor Spotlight, meet John DePaola from the Paint Brush Cover/Likwid Concepts! DePaola is a Co-Founder of this ingenious product was generous enough to give us insights on the newest products, speak about his time on Shark Tank, and what the future holds.

The Paint Brush Cover premiered on Shark Tank in 2014 and has had tremendous success since landing a deal with Lori Greiner. With products out now like the roller cover and original paint brush cover, the product line is developing. So, where is the Paint Brush Cover headed in the next few years? DePaola says they are “developing and patenting different sizes for a larger range of paint brush covers. Basically looking to cover everything, from an array of sizes to art brush cover.”

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Shark Tank All Stars panel at Make48 in Washington D.C.

With the success from Shark Tank, DePaola reflects back on the episode that started it all. Before the show he says there were many phone calls going back and forth with Shark Tank, of course they said there would be no guarantees of the product being on the show. DePaola was “cool as a cucumber” and was not intimidated by the Sharks. Once they got the green light and Shark Tank came along, he was ready to go. They believed the story and product combined made the Likwid Concepts team feel positive about it all. Since the show, DePaola has been on a few times, including Shark Tank and Beyond the Tank. They are also getting ready to film another segment. When asked about the entire experience, DePaola said he feels lucky and happy that they can keep continuing to grow the brand.

With the Paint Brush Cover being the main product, we asked if they would be open to new inventions? DePaola explained “they have lots of people bringing in products, everyone has an idea and is glad to see them.” Of course there is a weeding out process, and the Likwid team has to see if it would benefit line of what they are already doing. We asked if there was any advice for inventors bringing products to Likwid Concepts? “You have to be clever to get my attention.”

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