Sponsor Spotlight: Squatty Potty

By July 14, 2016General

Make48’s sponsors have been nothing but supportive for our competitions. Our sponsors come from all over the world, and it is great to see them network at our events. Our next Sponsor Spotlight features a booming business from St. George, Utah, meet the Edwards family from the Squatty Potty.

Bill, Bobby, and Judy Edwards wanted to find a solution to a large problem: digestive issues. They tried various products, but one came to be effective. Something as simple as a stool fixed these issues for the Edwards family, and they were ready to tell the world about their new invention, the Squatty Potty.

This product is wildly popular since it was first launched and it gained tremendous momentum when it aired on Shark Tank. For most people, getting a product on Shark Tank is extremely difficult, but the Edwards family was a bit different. Judy Edwards explained that for them it wasn’t as difficult as normal because one of the producers already had a Squatty Potty and got the ball rolling by calling them to be on the show. But, it is not easy to get on the show and they knew people that have been ready to go and it ended up not working out. Being fully prepared was a huge advantage, the Sharks do not want just an idea or to babysit you.

After gaining momentum with this unique product, they wanted to spread the word even more by creating an informative video. The video that everyone is talking about is about a unicorn using the Squatty Potty. Yes a unicorn, you thought they didn’t exist didn’t you? Edwards said that they had been going more the medical route with marketing and of course we knew they were good, but a little hesitant, the prince and unicorn combination ended up being perfect. “Talking about poop can be gross, and everyone likes ice cream so it made it more tolerable,” Edwards explained.

In the next few years, Edwards hopes to see the Squatty Potty continue to keep developing the range of products. They have quite a few things that they are working on currently: a new video and new products coming out later this year. Since they are booked up at the moment, they aren’t quite open to innovation from outside inventors at this time. Edwards explained “we have so many things ourself that are in development, that we don’t have the time. Future, not really sure, we’ll have to see!”

In terms of advice for inventors and entrepreneurs, “always have a patent in place or have done the research to protect your product.”

We cannot wait to see the future product from the Squatty Potty! Make sure you keep an eye out for them on their Facebook and Twitter.

The Make48 Team

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