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By August 2, 2016General

During Make48, there is a lot to capture in those 48 hours. That is why we have all hands on deck when it comes to having photographers and videographers at each competition. One of those videographers comes from Alchemy New Media, one of our great sponsors! We sat down with Alden Miller of Alchemy New Media to go over what his role is in Make48, the production process of creating a video, and viral video tips!

Alchemy New Media tells business’s stories through videos. They can create startup brand videos, small business marketing videos, corporate communication videos, whiteboard explanation videos, and more. Alden Miller has been involved in filming Make48 for over a year and he said he enjoys seeing the fast pace flurry of people inventing things. When asked what is even better than seeing new inventions? “Teams being able to turn over a video right away, it rewards the inventors to see their hard work.” Miller believes that Make48 takes a lot of hard work, motivation, and of course skills to sleep on a hard musuem floor when needed.

Outside of Make48, video production is a bit different for inventors since it takes time. Miller shares that video is the medium in which people pay attention, it’s the fastest way to get product seen, and get feedback. So, having a well produced marketing video is important. As for a video product budget, Miller says it can be hard to narrow it down to an exact price. You get what you pay for, so filming may be the one place you spend money.  It is people’s first impression of you and your product so make it count.

Social media like Twitter and Facebook are large driving factors in video marketing. There are different video lengths for each platform and it can be hard to keep up with the ever changing algorithms. We asked Miller what the right length of video is good and he said it “depends on the medium you are going to. They all have their own environment for video culture so, your video should be as long as it needs to be without boring your audience and keeping them entertained.”

We’ve all seen those viral videos and wondered how on Earth they got that many views. Was it just luck or was there more put into it? Miller explains that the science behind it is one thing: money. Once you target the specific spot in where you want people to watch, you send the video that way. The production companies throw money into them to make them great as well as online marketing too. 

Video production and marketing is something new inventors and entrepreneurs need to invest in. It is the one way to really show how your product works and can reach many people at once. Go to Alchemy New Media’s website for more information!

The Make48 Team

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