Sponsor Spotlight: Boulevard Brewing Company

By August 4, 2016General

Every business begins somewhere. Some inventor out there thought they had a product that could impact the world and created it. That is how another one of our great sponsors, Boulevard Brewing Company, got started. We were able to talk with them about their brewing submissions, seasonal brews, and entrepreneurship!

Boulevard has their popular brews: Wheat, Pale Ale, and Tank 7. So what happens if people come to Boulevard to submit their own popular brew? Boulevard has a great relationship with the home brewing community and regularly makes donations to their events throughout the country. They don’t currently accept homebrewer recipes, but have done a Wort Giveaway in the past. They received submissions of over 75  different beers made by home brewers using their wort. Then the brewers judged the beers and the winner made a batch of his beer on their brewhouse. It was a great experience and something they would love to do again.

In terms of their seasonal brews, we wanted to know if there was a different process or not. Boulevard explained that they look at a lot of things. They have an incredibly innovative team of brewers who are always experimenting with different styles and ingredients. Boulevard also keeps an eye on craft beer trends and what is popular, what people want to drink. A fun fact is that almost all of their beers are poured in their Tasting Room prior to being sold, so that allows them to get feedback from everyone at the brewery and people who come on the tours, which is really helpful in determining if a beer will be popular and ultimately successful.

When creating something new to the market, there is always articles to read or advice to follow. We asked Boulevard if they had any advice for fellow entrepreneurs out there. Boulevard explained that any entrepreneur should “keep at it and ignore the naysayers!” For example, John McDonald, founder of Boulevard, was delivering some kegs to a local bar, where he found a couple of older guys drinking beers in the early afternoon. John offered to buy them their next beer, a Boulevard Pale Ale. Upon tasting it, one of the guys told him it was the worst beer he’s ever had. That was almost 27 years ago, and Pale Ale remains one of their most popular beers today.

You can find Boulevard beer in 36 states, plus the District of Columbia. They are always looking for possible markets overseas, but you can already find their beers in England, France, China, the Nordic States, and Belgium. As for a beer that gets inventors thinking? “Tank 7! It’s such a good example of the style of beer while seeming so effortless and drinkable. Also the complexities of our Love Child series of sour and funky beers. Those are sure to get the wheels turning!”

You can see if Boulevard is in your area on their Beer Finder! Must be of 21 or over to enter website. 

The Make48 Team

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