Cold Hands? These Quirky Inventions & DIYs Will Keep You Warm this Winter!

By January 19, 2017Tips and Tricks

1. Digits Tips Touchscreen Glove Pads.

Can’t find a pair of touch-screen gloves that you actually like? Digits Tips are touchscreen pads that attach to any glove you have on hand (pun intended), so you don’t have to give up your favorite pair for the love of texting.



2. Nanotips Touchscreen Glove Liquid. 

Much like DigitsTips, Nanotips will make any glove touchscreen compatible. All you do is dab on Nanotips, let it dry, and use it for up to a month! Each bottle contains enough to treat up to 30 fingers.



3. Bicycle Handlebar Mittens.


We’ve all had our hands freeze while riding our bikes in the winter. BarMitts is a product that offers a simple solution- hand mittens that fit directly on your handlebars for your bare or gloved hands. Goodbye, icy knuckles!



4. Baby Stroller Hand Warmer.


Much like BarMitts, this cozy hand warmer attaches directly onto any stroller to keep your hands toasty while you’re out and about! This product will come along handy on any frosty winter day!



5. Rechargeable Hand Warmer.

Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like, folks! Keep this simple, rechargeable hand warmer on hand on a cold winter’s day!



6. DIY Essential Oil Warming Salve.

A warming, soothing essential oil balm that you can easily make yourself! Keep one of these in your bag or purse this winter and warm your hands (and feet!) anytime.


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