7 Super-Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

By February 9, 2017General

If you haven’t quite figured out what to get/make your Valentine, we’ve got you covered. These DIYs are some of our favorites because they require next to no tools, and you are almost guaranteed to have everything you need already in your home. We mean that! We figured with such a large community of inventors and tinkers, that these simple DIYs would be no challenge at all, let us know what you think!


If you have a Sharpie…

1. (And a mug) you can make your valentine a super-sweet valentines mug! Bonus: you get to customize it with whatever you want. Check out Cool Craft’s guide on 50 DIY sharpie mug ideas for some extra inspiration!


2. (And a rock) you can make your valentine these cute, quirky love rocks! They are made with nothing but a rock, a sharpie, and some mod podge for sealing it all in & waterproofing. Ideal for the garden, too!    


If you have some paper…

3. Make your valentine one of these adorable origami heart corner bookmarks!


4. (And a mason jar) tell your valentines 10365 (there’s really no cap on the numbers, but these are the tutorials we found) reasons why you love them. A sweet, heartfelt and simple idea! Follow the 365 link for a free printable label!

If you have a printer… 

5. You can print out these free, sweet valentines coupons!


6. (And one of these food items) you can make your valentine a cute, punny gift with the addition of a valentine-friendly label! Here’s a couple of cute ideas with free printables:

i. “I love you a latte”latte.

ii. My heart beats tic-tock mints.

7. (A deck of cards, and a little extra time) you can make your valentine this super-sweet deck of cards with 52 reasons why you love them.


If you know someone up for a much, much bigger challenge (we’re talking planning, prototyping and pitching a product in just 48 hours) make sure you invite them to apply to Make48’s September 28-30 event at the Kansas City Art Institute! The event will be filmed as part of an 8-episode series and they will be one of the stars of Make48 TV! More importantly, they will be able to take their product to market with the help of Make48 and be of our country’s next great inventors.

Did you invent/handcraft something super awesome for your valentine this year? We want to know! PM us on Facebook, or use #Make48Share to share with us!

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