4 Tips for a Great Product Video

By March 30, 2017Tips and Tricks

Do you have a new product you can’t wait to share with the world?
Take a look at our tips for making a great product video! 


1. Don’t focus too much on your product. Yes, your product is the star of the video- but it shouldn’t be all your video is about! You want to end up with a product video that sets the tone for your company and has some element of originality that will make it stand out. 


Take a look at this product video from platinum sponsor Squatty Potty. This video not only goes through an explanation of the product at hand, it does so in a humorous, memorable way. The brand cleverly features their mascot, a unicorn, in the product video and further connects the audience with an element of their brand. 


2. Have Fun! This is a bit of a continuation of number 1. But we want to emphasize the power of humor in product videos! Unless your industry is extremely serious, an element of humor will be welcome by all levels of your audience. Otherwise, make sure your audience will be entertained by an element of surprise.


Take a look at this Band-It gun video (the Band-It Gun was designed by Make48 Director Bobby Coulston!). It varies between product demonstration/explanation and actual playing on the screen. Seeing the actors have fun with the toy brings fun into the video!


3.  Keep it simple. Ultimately, you want a short & simple video. It’s no news that shorter videos perform better online, but you also generally do not want to overcomplicate your video with unnecessary information. Imagine a car commercial that went over every single car feature? That would never happen! Instead, focus on what common problem your product helps overcome (problem & solution), how it works (broadly) and give the audience a call to action (e.g. buy now!).


Tale a look at this video from our in-house sponsor The Handy Camel. The video takes you through the common problems faced without the bag clip- falling bags that spill over, not being able to carry/pour it, and then goes into the benefits of having this product!



4. Benefits, not Features. Think about what your product really brings to someone. Your audience may not care about all the product features you could list, at least not your audience at large. Rather, an audience is interested in what a product brings them.


To go back to the car example, rather than listing the car engine’s features and what all the gadgets in the cars do, the best car commercials often go after a feeling or specific benefit. A commercial for a super-safe, bigger car, for example, will often feature a big family where everyone safely buckles in- the benefits being that you can fit your whole family in the car and safety. A commercial for an off-the-road car will often show a car going into extreme weather or through a difficult path with ease- the benefit being that the car can take you on any adventure.

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