4 Tips to Stay Cool Under Pressure

By March 30, 2017Tips and Tricks

One of the things that make Make48 so special, and also so challenging is the intense pressure of the 48-hour deadline. Having the mental clarity to work under this pressure, come up with a fantastic product idea, and carry it through to the end is a huge ask! So we wanted to give you a little insight into some things you can do to stay cool under pressure, no matter what!


  1. Practice makes perfect. 

    This is a classic. You can completely change the context of competing under pressure by making sure you also practice under pressure! Eventually, when you do come to compete you will be familiar with the pressure of having a deadline, being watched by others, or whatever it is in a competition that can strain your brain.


  2.  Practice Positivity

    Ah, yes. If you have a record of working poorly under pressure, you run the risk of having this history hold you back, because you’ll be busy dwelling on past mistakes and expect them to repeat themselves. Instead, try to visualize a positive outcome and focus on that. Instead of worrying about the past, try to be excited about the present. A positive mindset can have a huge impact!


  3.  Write about it!

    Unable to get out of your head? Write down verbatim what is in your head holding you back. Is there a specific fear or issue that is blocking you? Writing it down can often offer a lot of insight into your issue- whatever it may be! So even if you’re facing a crazy deadline (umm, maybe 48 hours to create a new product?) take the time to sit down with yourself and write out your thoughts. Game changer! 

  4. Results, results, results.

    Another thing you can do to get yourself through the pressure of a deadline is to focus on the result rather than the minute details of everything that must be accomplished to get there. What is your end goal? What is the next step to get there? Focus only on that, rather than trying to have all the moving pieces in your head at once. 

Feeling ready to conquer time pressure? Apply to the next Make48 and test out your new skills. The next event is September 28-30 at the Kansas City Art Institute!
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