Make48 CEO Attends ECRM Tradeshow

By March 9, 2017General

Make48 CEO Tom Gray attended the Merchandising Solutions EPPS of the Las Vegas ECRM Trade Show in early February. Here, he was able to experience the unique set-up of these trade shows!

In the words of the ECRM website, EPPSs, or  Efficient Program Planning Sessions (EPPS) are

“pre-scheduled private meetings between buyers and sellers in a variety of categories and industries. These targeted meetings allow for more direct discussions around common business objectives to increase productivity, streamline business processes and grow sales”.


Why Are These Trade Shows Unique?

ECRM trade shows are unique because they allow the seller to get face-to-face time with the buyer directly. These buyers are also selected as your most suitable buyer so that the meetings can be as effective as possible. Tom recounts his experience of the show.

“I was led through the ECRM experience by Joe Tarnowski who went out of his way for most of the day. Was I impressed? Yes, indeed. He and his team have their shows fine tuned to every last detail, making both the buyer and sellers’ experience meaningful.

The shows themselves look a little pricey compared to other shows, however, when you consider almost everything is included they are quite similar. The way they stand out from other trade shows is the one-on-one meeting with the most suitable buyer. Traditionally, you can do 4-5 shows around the country and still never meet the correct person.

I am excited for myself and the Make48 community to partner with them in the future.”

-Tom Gray, Make48 CEO

For more information on ECRM shows and how to apply, visit their website!

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