The Road Trip Continues: Make48 CEO visits Trident Design

By March 16, 2017General

In our last post, we told you a little bit about Make48 CEO Tom Gray’s visit to Wet & Forget in Chicago. He, along with the team from video production company Outpost Worldwide packed up all the filming gear and themselves into a prius, and began a road trip to complete the last shooting segments for the first season of Make48 TV.

After a great visit to Wet & Forget, Tom and the team started to cruise toward Columbus, Ohio to visit another destination: Trident Design. Trident Design provides services in everything from brainstorming to industrial design to crowdfunding and market testing, an ideal destination for a product designer. Trident is one of the three design companies that help improve the prototypes of winning teams. As you know, the three winning teams from a Make48 competition get their products taken to market, and improving design is an important part of bringing a product to market.

The ride over to Colombus was a bit shakier than planned, as twisters were touching down in the surrounding areas of their trip (no, not kidding). “The afternoon had us cruising to Ohio and the Prius was primed.. We managed to dodge many unseasonable twisters were touching down over the Midwest on route to Columbus”. However, they made it safely to their destination.

“Up early the next day we met with Trident Design and had a fantastic time at their design HQ. It was easy to lose track of our time schedule as they had a full days worth of great content.

Many great products were on display and this team of highly qualified designers have been pleasure to have in Make48. Trident Design has been working closely on the first place product and getting a wood, plastic kitchen device perfected has not been easy.

The good news is that this talented bunch has seen about every challenge out there and don’t seem too phased by any problem thrown their way. After a half day of fascinating interviews and content we were headed back to KC for 2 more action packed days.”

Their road trip concluded after a great meeting with Trident Design. Tom and the team look forward to more adventures when visiting Squatty Potty HQ to shoot the very last of the content for season 1 of Make48 TV.

“Next week we head to the beautiful St George Utah, and Denver Colorado. Thank goodness we are taking a big bird and let the Prius take a week off.” 

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