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During this year’s National Hardware Show, Make48 Founder Curt McMillan had a chance to interview some amazing brands and industry leaders! Check out who he had the chance to sit down with, and their awesome advice for inventors and the community! As a courtesy, we have not included any names in this article except for those explicitly allowed. Enjoy!

 United Inventors Association of America 

We learned a lot interviewing John Calvert from the United Inventors Association of America! He told us “I found there’s a lot of independent inventors who think they can invent something and patent it and make a million dollars, and that doesn’t always happen, so what [the UIA does] in my mind is teach inventors not only about getting a patent but all the other aspects of getting a product to market” 

“I think from the advocacy side, our big goal is education. Inventors are always good at inventing and making items but you’ve gotta try to protect your product, learn about patents and trademarks and taking your product to market.We try to help them with that process so they can become knowledgeable.” 

If you are an inventor, remember to check out the fantastic resources that UIA offers!


Wet & Forget 


The team told us: “[The National Hardware Show]’s been a great ride for us! We came to the NHS for the first time years ago and picked up our first major customer here, which was Costco. Each year it’s grown & grown & grown. This has been a great show for us.


Squatty Potty






Boardwalk Brand


Danco Co.

… and of course, The National Hardware Show


We also ran into some other familiar faces outside of interviews! For example, we met up with Make48 DC winner Julio Aguirre! 



<p> It is impossible to include all of the amazing people we met during this year’s National Hardware Show! But suffice it to say, it was an incredible experience. Stay tuned on our social and newsletter for more content about this year’s National Hardware Show! 

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