Inventor Spotlight: Part 1

By May 18, 2017General

One of our favorite parts of the 2017 National Hardware Show was getting to meet the inventors from the Inventor Spotlight section! Every year, the National Hardware Show dedicates a showroom to independent inventors, giving distributors, manufacturers, and retailers a chance to see what’s up-and-coming in the industry. We were incredibly impressed with all the amazing creations that NHS inventors put forth, and want to share their stories and products with you!

Be on the lookout on our blog and social for more amazing inventor stories and products, this is just Part 1 of many!

Campfire Cone Fork 

This inventor created a revolutionary camping tool called the Campfire Cone Fork. It you can cook/roast just about every camp food you can imagine over an open flame! Their description: “World’s first versatile camping fork, crafted with a unique ring design, that delivers a safer way to roast campfire cones and other popular campfire foods.”

Check out how their product works on their website!


This inventor created a device that works in conjunction with an Android app and literally lets you see through walls! Ish. Walabot allows users to find plastic and metal pipes and electrical wires and studs behind walls and can also detect movement through walls! Learn more about Walabot on their website!

KUVU Storage Solution

This versatile storage product helps hang, wrap, loop & store almost anything! This product even won a coveted award during the National Hardware Show!
The KUVU is not only useful &
affordable but also falls into the category of green products, as it is made using recycled truck tires. 

Learn more about KUVUs on their website!


These flip-flops are made to shower in! If you’ve ever used public showers in a camping ground, dormitory, etc., you probably remember being iffy about standing directly on the floor. These flip-flops solve this problem! They have holes to allow water through, slip-proof soles and anti-microbial layers that protect feet at public showers, gyms, steam rooms, etc. 

Learn more on their website:

 Strap Happy

This invention is great to keep your straps under control! It lets you roll up loose ends of security straps or any 1-inch strap and secure the Strap Happy system to your car/house/etc. without having to tie them! 

Learn more about this product on their website:

Some of the inventors at the Inventors Spotlight section pitched live to be a part of the National Hardware Show (we won’t tell you which just yet!) but everyone still has a chance to apply to be on the next season of Make48 TV! Don’t miss your chance. Apply now! 


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