Kansas City’s Most Famous Inventions

By July 27, 2017General

You probably use these everyday, but did you know they were invented in Kansas City?
These KC-local famous inventions may shock you!


1. The Non-Stick Frying Pan.




You may take this everyday staple for granted in your kitchen- but the idea to coat frying pans with Teflon, making them non-stick came from Marion A Trozzolo in 1961. The original “Happy Pan” patented in Kansas City, is now in display at the Smithsonian Museum.


2. Wrapping Paper… Greeting Cards… Hallmark!

If you are a KC native, chances are that you know this company was started in Kansas City. Joyce Clyde Hall started Hallmark in the 20s, and created the brand we all associate with greeting cards, gifts and more.

 3. Multiplex Movie Theatres


Although a handful of smaller theatres had opened a venue with a second screen at this time, in 1964 the first AMC theatre with more than one screen opened in Kansas City. The company’s president realized it would be easy to increase revenue with a second screen, as the theatre could still keep the same number of staff members. Hence, the multiplex was born.


4. Automatic Fire Alarm


Kansas City native, Fire Chief George C. Hale, created and patented a system that lets the city’s central fire station know the exact location of the fire. 



These are just a few of the awesome inventions created in Kansas City! We look forward to showing you what other incredible inventions the Make48 Season 1 Teams created in Kansas City! Make48 Season 1  starts airing this September on public television!



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