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Gadget Flow Academy is Coming Soon

By August 17, 2017General

If you’re among the 25 million frequent visitors of product-discovery platform Gadget Flow, you may have noticed something new under the sun. The company is soon to launch a fantastic new resource for the invention and maker communities: Gadget Flow Academy. We spoke to Gadget Flow Founder and CEO Evan Varsamis about it, this is what he had to say.

What is Gadget Flow?

Gadget Flow is a product discovery platform that curates and features 12 new products for their viewers every single day (including weekends and holidays- that’s commitment folks). They feature proven, high-quality products you may not even have known existed across 140 categories, featuring, for instance, the latest innovations in tech and high-quality gadgets. “The reason that people keep coming back everyday is to see what products we are featuring that day.”

I wondered how Gadget Flow went about discovering new products and ventures. “To be honest with you most of the time entrepreneurs and businesses get in touch with us,” Varsamis tells us, “Because they’re looking for ways to increase engagement and sales and boost their business and awareness of their crowdfunding campaign. So pretty much they find us the majority of the time.” From the pool of new gadgets and tech, the Gadget Flow selects the products to be featured.  “There’s no secret sauce” about which products get featured, says Varsamis, “it’s an internal process of product evaluation, it’s more like a ranking and voting system. It’s curated.”

Gadget Flow does offer an option for viewers to buy the products they are seeing, but they redirect your to the third-party retailer so that you can buy it straight from the source. They don’t get a commission and don’t promote increased prices. You can also save products on both public or private wish lists.

The company has been enjoying a “200% year-over-year growth rate”, and, as Forbes notes, this is without any PR or outside investors. Yep. “We have a massive community. We reach about 25 million people per month through our platform, our IOS and Android apps, our social media accounts, and of course our newsletters. And we’ve been working with more than 6,000 customers since 2012. Some names include Sony, Polaroid, Bang and Olufsen, and more than 4,000 crowdfunding campaigns.”

Gadget Flow’s founders are Kickstarter.com experts, by the way, and the company itself is the third most important Indiegogo partner. Gadget Flow also curates and features the best of the best crowdfunding campaigns from around the web. For entrepreneurs, makers and inventors, that means that Gadget Flow is the place to be. The company’s exceptional reach can help get eyes on your product (which you can submit here).

Gadget Flow Academy

“We also have a really cool category in our blog related to resources, like how to market your product, how to market and prep your crowdfunding campaign (Here’s “10 Crowdfunding Mistakes you Should Avoid”). We have interviews with some successful entrepreneurs there as well. So the biggest thing that’s going to be coming in the next month or so is that we are going to be launching our Academy. We’ve decided that we have so much valuable content as a brand and we want to keep getting content out there. So we’re officially starting a podcast, I’m gonna be the host I’m gonna be interviewing CEOs and successful entrepreneurs, and creators from Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and we’re going to be doing live interviews and introducing a resource section with lots of check-lists, guides, and basically anything that can help you grow your business”. Don’t miss the launch of Gadget Flow Academy! Subscribe to their newsletter.

Gadget Flow and Make48

One of your team members reached out to me about Make48, and I really liked what you guys were doing. In a way, it’s similar to what we are doing in that we’re all helping creators and small businesses and entrepreneurs get the word out about their products. So you know, I wanted to help. Gadget Flow will help get the word out about Season 2 products. We are definitely interested in getting involved and helping out your community.”