Queen Bee and the Three: Their 48 Hours

By August 24, 2017Team Profile

Daxon Miller, one of the members from Queen Bee And The Three tells us about his wife (you guessed it, the Queen Bee) and his’ experience in the world of product development and invention. This inventor couple has already independently launched two products! Daxon also recounts his experience during the 48-hour invent-a-thon, alongside team members Krisi Miller, Max Miller and Ethan Holle.


Some of the Make48 teams are completely new to the world of invention (and we believe they all have great contributions to make!). Daxon and Krisi Miller from Queen Bee and the Three, however, have already successfully launched two products independently!

“I spent 23 years in the natural gas business and my wife works in the purchasing department for a local lumber supplier. We have always looked at products and thought about ways to improve them. We have also come up with quite a few ideas for our own products and in November of 2015 we decided that we were going to see what it takes to make a product out of an idea.

After lots of hard work, research, failure, asking hundreds of questions from people in the know, and learning all of the details of starting a new business, we now have two products on store shelves and selling online. Our first product was the Easy Cake Roller®. You can see it at www.easycakeroller.com.  Our second product, a Jeep Wrangler Accessory, was the Easy Screw Top Tool™. We sell both of our products in a few stores around Kansas City as well as our websites. Our Jeep tool is also available through a few online Jeep accessory websites, the biggest being Quadratec. We are so excited to be doing business with them- it was very rewarding having someone so big in the Jeep accessory world interested in our product.”



Alongside their son, Max, and friend Ethan Holle, this team had a thrilling 48 hours. Learn more about their experience in this competition!

“My wife, Krisi, and I had just started a product development business and were attending a seminar put on by the U.S.P.T.O., where we met Bob Coulston (Inventor, Make48 Director). He told us that we should apply to be a part of the Make48 that was coming up in October 2016. We just happened to sit at the same table with him, which turned into an amazing opportunity.  We were lucky enough to be chosen to participate. Bob himself has been an invaluable resource for our product development business.

Participating in the Make48 contest was extremely challenging.  We had gained lots of experience in the 10 months of product development that we had been working on so I thought we would have an advantage over our competitors. I quickly realized that working under the 48 hour time constraint changed everything. The ticking clock is constantly hanging over you and adds an incredible amount of pressure. I felt like our team worked well together. My son Max and our friend Ethan Holle were invaluable to our team. We all brought our unique talents to the group. It seemed like it took forever to come up with a new idea. Everything we originally came up with had already been made. When we finally came up with something new we were lucky that it was simple. The prototype was simple to make and simple to demonstrate.

One of the peculiar things about participating in the Make48 contest was the constant presence of a camera crew. We were surprised to learn how quickly we were able to ignore them. They were always courteous and never tried to influence how we were communicating for added drama, etc. I was very impressed with their professionalism.

Make48 was an extraordinary opportunity for myself and my family. We got to be involved in something that very few people have been able to do. It was very grueling and I am not sure that I would do it again. I like to take a little more time with my product ideas although amazing things do happen when you put pressure on people to be imaginative. Thank You Make48!”

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