You Can Now Watch Make48 In-Flight on Qantas!

By October 6, 2017General

Australia’s biggest Airline, Qantas, has picked-up all 8 episodes of Make48 Season 1 for in-flight entertainment.

Qantas is a perfect airline to watch a show that follows the creation and growth of new products, as the airline’s company history is one based on incredible exponential growth from small beginnings. 

Their website shares their story, which “begins with fragile biplanes carrying one or two passengers in open cockpits and progresses to the new Airbus A380s flying some 450 people half way around the world in a day.”

Qantas has grown into Australia’s largest domestic and international airline. Their extraordinary operational reliability and safety has also given them a winning reputation as the world’s leading long distance airline, with non-stop routes such as London to Australia. 

The airline is also adding more and more routes within and to/from the U.S., so next time you’re on a Qantas flight, turn on Make48! 

The Make48 series is airing nationwide on public television channels in the U.S., and Season 1 is newly available for viewing online on

Follow 17 teams through the fastest invention competition in the world and see how the three winning products are taken through design, marketing and crowdfunding stages. And do it all from the comfort of your in-cabin seat!




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