GoDaddy’s New GoCentral Platform is Perfect for Inventors

By October 10, 2017General

GoDaddy’s innovative new 1-hour website builder, GoCentral is being featured in the second Season of the documentary-style invention TV show Make48.

In the first part of Make48, teams compete for 48 hours to come up with a new product in a secret category. Teams create an initial prototype and showcase it in a product video and GoCentral website that is presented to a panel of industry-leading judges. The second part of the show follows the three winning products as they go through design optimization, marketing, initial manufacturing, and crowdfunding.

This year, GoDaddy sent in three professional product developers to help contestants build their sites as quickly as possible during the event. As Make48 Co-Founder Curt McMillan said, “the fastest invention competition ever requires the fastest website ever”.

GoCentral can be built by anyone without technical knowledge in under an hour. Nevertheless, the GoDaddy team still wanted contestants to have extra support during their 48-hour crunch. They were present during the filming of Make48 Season 2 at the Kansas City Art Institute last weekend, helping teams through the simple steps of creating their professional product sites. As Natalie Hecht, Marketing Manager of Brand Activation for GoDaddy told us, “our partnership with Make 48 not only allows us to promote our products to contestants and viewers but also gives us the opportunity to work 1:1 with entrepreneurs onsite at the 48-hour competition.

GoCentral works with customizable designs that users personalize with photos and copy, and although it is built in such a short time, it is a full-featured site that includes built-in SEO, email marketing, and online store builders. The platform’s functionality is a huge benefit for independent inventors like those in the show, as well as startups and small businesses, as it doesn’t require a big capital investment or hours and hours of design and coding. “GoDaddy is a big believer in that people with brilliant ideas should be able to share them quickly and easily online. The tools we provide to our customers provide enterprise-level features for small businesses,” said Natalie Hecht.

GoCentral is intended for anyone with an idea. Whether you’re a business owner who wants to build an online presence or someone with a new product idea who wants to test the market. Providing small business and inventors with this tool is a continuation of GoDaddy’s overall goal to support entrepreneurs around the world. “GoDaddy’s vision is to radically shift the global economy toward life-fulfilling independent ventures,” said Natalie Hecht.

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