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Make48 Takes On New York City

By February 27, 2018General

New York City is the city where dreams are fulfilled. The hustle and bustle of the city drive entrepreneurs and businessmen and women to achieve their goals. The Make48 team visited the inspiring city to film multiple segments for Season 2 of our show. We visited SnS Design, Jungle Creations, and attended the Toy Fair to gain insight on the many industries involved in getting a product to market.

First, we met up with Nisha Sawhney from SnS Design to discuss one of the winning products from Season 2. She was part of the Season 2 event as a pre-judge in the focus groups. She shared with us her design process from getting the prototype after the competition to the current version. We learned that a lot goes into designing a product for the marketplace. Sawhney shared with us that they look at a product from a global perspective in terms of marketability.

We then met with the Jungle Creations team in Times Square at their office in WeWork. Viral videos are everywhere on social media right now, so we met with Paul Beiboer to see how they get made and the impact they can have when launching a product. Jungle Creations is a network of online brands that share videos on social media. Their 25 million monthly unique visitors and 55 million social media followers have become one of the most engaged digital networks in the world. They’re currently the 3rd most viewed media property in the world under their main brand, VT.

The final event in New York City for us was the Toy Fair. Bob Coulston, Make48 Co-Creator, has been there before with his product, Bandit Guns, but it was a first for the rest of our team. We interviewed brands of all sizes and from all around the world, to get insight on how important trade shows are when launching products. We learned from the brands perspective on how they protect their patents on products showcased and what their goals were for the show.

The Make48 team learned a lot from this amazing trip from various industries. Taking a product to market takes a lot and we are excited to share that journey and knowledge with the nation in Season 2. If you want to learn more about taking a product to market, you can now stream all of Season 1 on our website!

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