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Inventor Maniacs

By June 27, 2018Season 2 Teams

Team Inventor Maniacs, come to us from sunny Southern California. Husband Brent, Wife Michelle and Son Kyle hail from San Diego. 

What made you want to be a part of Make48?

My husband goes to the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas every year, but last year he met the founders of Make48 who convinced him to sign up and send in a video for the show. We thought it would be a great experience to feel what it’s like to invent something in 48 hours.

What was it like working as a team, was it what you expected?

It was interesting being a team as a family. Since my husband has been inventing products over the years, his experience along with my son and I’s fresh eyes on the inventing experience, made for a very interesting time, to say the least. There was some tension, in that respect because my husband knew what he wanted to do, but my son and I had our own ideas. There were other times where we were all collectively excited about deciding on an idea and it brought us together as a team.

How did you go about putting your team together?

We were originally going to have our whole family come (Brent, Kyle, myself and my daughter-Abby). But my 15-year-old daughter was in school during the days of the contest and she didn’t want to miss her classes.

What advantages did each of you bring to the team?

We brought my husband, Brent’s, vast knowledge and experience into our time in Kansas City. He was a great asset to our experience and knew things that my son and I had never seen or heard of before. The process of inventing and what to expect at the different stages was explained expertly by my husband. We really benefited from him being there.

What was the most difficult part of the competition? Roadblocks, setbacks? 

The most difficult part about the competition was the long hours and lack of sleep. I found that I was drawing a blank on ideas initially until I started talking with my son and my husband and then the ideas were flowing.



Looking back, anything you would’ve done differently?

I wish our daughter could have come. She is very creative and would have benefited from the experience. She takes after her dad in the inventing arena. Science has always been her favorite subject. Her science projects in elementary and middle school far exceeded her peers on many levels.

Overall what was the best part of the Make48 experience?

Just being able to say that we were able to invent something in 48 hours and that we were on a reality TV show is definitely a “bucket list” event. We are so grateful to have been a part of it!

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