Meet our Maryland competitors, Team D.a.D. Our dad-and-daughter duo team have been friends and neighbors since the girls were 2. See how their duo reacted to being together for 48 hours!

What made you want to be a part of Make48?

As Erik, Brynn, and Maria were quietly going about their lives, David heard Tom Gray speak about the Make48 competition on a podcast. David, a full-time teacher, and part-time inventor knew he could put together a power team with Erik being a business guy, and Brynn and Maria representing the next generation.

What was it like working as a team? Was it what you expected?

Our experience working as a collaborative team was not always smooth. Once we found out the competition topic, our diversity of views helped us weed out ideas as we brainstormed possible products.

Erik and Maria are beach-goers while David and Brynn like the mountains. Erik and David argued like brothers while Brynn and Maria rolled their eyes and got down to work. The 48 hours found us Lyft-ing all over town; shopping for hardware and fabrics; cutting, drilling, and welding; and acting, video editing, and presenting. While we knew we would work hard during the competition we didn’t know the incredible variety of skills we would need to use.

How did you go about putting your team together?

Our team was a natural fit as Brynn and Maria have been friends since pre-school. Erik and his wife, Claudia, have been listening to (but not laughing at) David’s invention ideas for years. So, when a team-based invention competition came along we knew we could do it.

What advantages did each of you bring to the team?

David is a full-time teacher and part-time inventor, Erik is an experienced business guy with a marketing degree, and Brynn and Maria represent the interests of the next generation and know what’s in style.

What was the most difficult part of the competition? Roadblocks, setbacks? What came easier for your team?

The most difficult part of the competition was thinking of an idea that had broad appeal and fit the category. We spent hours writing down ideas, discussing merits, discarding failures. As time wore on we did start to panic a bit that we wouldn’t think of something new. The two reasons we were able to present a product at the end (not a sure thing we would finish, let me tell you) is hard work and breaking up the tasks. We worked well into the night and only got a few hours of sleep. The extra time really helped us. Breaking up tasks was also vital. For example, while the Dads worked on the prototype the Daughters worked on the video for the judges. In fact, the first time the Dads saw the video was the same time as the judges and the audience. We loved it!

What did you learn from the Make48 event?

The main thing that we learned as inventors was that an idea can be strengthened by multiple perspectives and opinions. We worked collaboratively and came up with a product that none of us would have come up with alone.

Looking back, is there anything you would’ve done differently?

I don’t think we would have done anything differently. First and foremost, we made sure to enjoy our time and have fun. Win or lose, we wanted this to be a good experience. We will have great memories forever.

Overall what was the best part of the Make48 experience?

Some of us would say that the best part of the experience was the food – we were fed Kansas City barbecue breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two days straight! But, we would all say the best part was the feeling of accomplishment from working together to get our task done. The Daughters are off to college soon and this was a great opportunity to do some quality bonding.

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