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EverChew Kickstarter

By September 17, 2018General

We love seeing our contestants develop products just like our past contestant Kirby Kendall. Kirby competed in our Smithsonian (D.C.) competition and was a team member of the Austin Design Quad Team in season 1 in Kansas City. Even though he lost at both events, he enjoyed it, “it was a lot of fun and I would definitely do it again if Make 48 would let me. I really love inventing and the challenge of doing it under the gun is hard yet thrilling.”

Kirby has launched a Kickstarter for your dog needs. The EverChew is an indestructible rubber toy that makes dog bullys & rawhides safer than bones or treats (no choking) & keeps dogs busy like a puzzle. Choking on rawhides is worrisome for dog owners, and Kirby wanted owers to feel confident that their four-legged companions aren’t going to choke. As well as avoiding costly vet expenses.

Kirby related to me that his own dog Eva choked a couple of times on a rawhide stub. “On the second time my wife banned rawhides and bully sticks from our house. So being the inventor, I figured I could solve this problem. I didn’t like any of the existing products out there because they didn’t look strong enough, so I spent about a year working on prototypes trying to make a chew holder that my 65 pound dog couldn’t defeat.”

“And I finally got there with the current design that uses a nylon pin that secures the chew to the rubber ring. One of the most important requirements I had for the product, besides being undefeatable, was that I wanted the user to be able to replace the chew without using any tools, and even if they had weak hands and long fingernails. So that’s why the pin is held in place by a simple rubber latch, but it’s a double action to remove the pin. Dog’s teeth can’t do the double action to remove the pin–so it’s undefeatable.”

Being a multiple dog owner myself, this product is on my list. The ring is made of a non-toxic, high quality, FDA-grade rubber that is both durable and safe for your dog’s teeth. Your dog will love this chew and it will bring them hours of enjoyment. 

Click Here to Support Kirby and the EverChew!

From left to right: Renee, Kirby, Alec and Evelyn

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