Edward Harper and The Artful Tree

Craftmanship is an example of creating and igniting the artisan spirit. Edward Harper, the maker and owner of The Artful Tree is doing just that. Based in Windsor, Colorado, Ed and his wife Janet create handmade jewelry and gifts for their home and online business. Ed told me about his latest jewelry line, wood rings inlayed with sand. As someone who collects beach sand I gave him some and he made my ring with purple heart wood and with sand inlayed from Cannon Beach. A perfect fit. I asked Ed how he started designing and where you can order your own treasure.

How Long Have You Been A Maker?

Well, I’d say that it all really started for me somewhere back in the mid 90’s when I purchased a high speed egg carving tool set at a business expo that I attended. I started carving and selling my egg creations to family and friends and really enjoyed the amazing things that I could carve into goose eggs. A few years later I expanded the business into wood carving on a whim and purchased my first small 16 inch scroll saw which allowed me to cut out all sorts of different things such as wooden words in many different font styles, Christmas ornaments, personalized signs, celebrity portraits and pushed me along even further along into the amazing world of the handcrafted business.

Nowadays, my home shop includes a 22 inch professional scroll saw, a table saw, miter saw, bandsaw, two lathes and a small CNC machine which all compliment my woodworking business and have allowed us to expand into something new which is our wooden ring business.

Tell Me More About Your Rings. How Do You Make Them?

Starting with a designers program on my computer, I create the various ring size blanks and moving over to the CNC, I cut out the ring blanks from pre-cut slices of wood I’ve previously prepped from many domestic or exotic wood blocks that I purchased. Once cut out, I then move to the lathe where I shape, sand and channel out the ring blank with my hand tools for the next step which is adding the inlay material. What’s really special about our wooden rings is that we have collected nearly 70 jars of various inlay materials from all over the Country and the World. Everything from beach sand from Belize to rock samples from Liberia, West Africa.

We also use sand, stone, minerals, dinosaur bones, petrified wood and other metals and dried flower petals collected from States we have visited or that clients have proved to us for a truly personalized ring.

We also make a travel size wood ring box for every ring we sell which really is a nice touch.

Once the ring has gone through the sanding and sealing process to our liking, we photograph the ring and list it over to our online shop found on etsy.

How Do Our Readers Find Your Rings On Etsy?

They can head over to https://www.etsy.com/shop/theartfultree to see our rings as well as the other product lines we offer.

For added stability, Ed encases the ring in a hard resin shell that is scratch and water resistant. The occasional hand wash  and shower will not harm the ring as long as the finish is maintained. do not leave your wood jewelry in your car, in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Here are some cleaning tips to keep that ring looking new.

  • Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals & over-frequent washing/drying.
  • Do not leave your wood jewelry in your car, in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
  • An occasional rub of natural beeswax with a soft cloth will keep the shine. Olive oil will work too. Use once a month or as needed.
Tell a story with a unique gift this season while also supporting makers and small business. Happy Holidays!



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  • Nancy Langley says:

    i have bought many pieces from Janet and Ed. They are all beautifully finishes. I have rings, crosses, Lucy , Christ on the cross, and a gorgeous amd finely made bird picture. I love them all. I also have Christmas ornaments. You will love whatever you order!

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