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Iconic Brands We Trust

Our sponsors are recognized as advocates for innovation, hands-on learning and the entrepreneurial spirit to create solutions. Well-known companies and iconic brands, they’ve stood the test of time. Here are a few of our sponsors and how they impact our daily lives.


Dewalt are known to deliver guaranteed tough power tools. For companies like Clayco Electric, who specializes in commercial and residential electric contractors, they rely on brands like Dewalt. Clayco Electric has provided fifty-five years of service to the Kansas City area and Whitney Hunt is the logistics specialist at Clayco. He gave me a tour of their warehouse full of power tools and almost anything else you can think of. Here are just a few of the tools that these electricians use everyday.

As an electric company, electrician tools like big wire cutters (pictured right)  Whitney gave me a demonstration. (watch video IMG_3601) The blade cut through the thick 750MCM copper and aluminum wiring, the hardest to cut through.

Wire Strippers (pictured below): Before the technology, to strip large wires of cables was done by a knife. It’s easier and faster with a Dewalt Cordless Cable Stripper. All you do is put the gun piece on the end of the cable and it strips it off. Visit the link to see how easy it is.

Whitney also told me about Dewalt’s Tool Connect. Tool Connect is a three-part inventory management solution from Dewalt to help companies save time and money. You can connect, track and customize your tools for multiple job sites including monitoring diagnostics and locating missing tools by notifying the inventory manager. A great solution to manage your tools, anywhere.

Ace Hardware

Can I bring my dog? Known as the ‘Helpful Place’, Ace Hardware is also one of the most dog friendly stores across America. Ace has over 5,000 stores around the world with the majority of those stores independently owned and operated by local entrepreneurs. Corin helped me take Luna and Cali to Ace Hardware in Westport-Kansas City– the same location where we filmed season 1 and 2. Corin, a past contestant from season 1 and intern at Make48, took the pups, decked out in their Kansas City Chiefs jersey’s, for a visit.

We learned that Ace Hardware was dog-friendly (just make sure the pup is leashed) when we filmed the supply run during the Make48 event. From bird feeders to dog beds and cat treats, their pet supply department features many products and brands for animals of all sizes. Pet-friendly and committed to bringing your pets the very best, Ace stocks a variety of supplies. Clean and welcoming, the pups roamed the store for their first visit. They picked out toys and ended up getting some tasty treats and pets from employees and customers alike at the checkout!  


The Grommet

While shopping at Ace I was able to to pick up a gift (for myself) from The Grommet. The Grommet partnered with Ace Hardware last year and you can find a selection of their unique gifts and gadgets in their stores. Visit them online for a greater selection of new products from Makers and small businesses.

I picked up a much needed lint roller by F’lint. With four dogs, you never have enough lint rollers! 

It’s the most innovative lint roller I’ve seen. Colorful, portable, retractable and perfect for on-the-go! Twist the base to reveal the retractable roller, then pop it back in. Throw it in your purse, backpack or car. It is also refillable! I bought the this version with 30 sheets but they do sell a deluxe F’lint Lint Roller (70 sheets). Go online or pick up refill sheets at Ace and Say Later Lint.

City Rent A Truck

Serving Kansas City for over 50 years, City Rent A Truck offers a full line of vans and work trucks for rent or lease. From various sizes of of trucks and flatbeds, to cargo vans and passenger vans, to a variety of pickups for hauling and towing. Great for long distances, City Rent A Truck generously donated a truck for our Baltimore event. Co-creator and CEO, Tom Gray, drove the truck and our trailer halfway across the country for our season 3 competition. In total a 32 hour road trip! But according to Tom it was a smooth ride. 





These are just a few of our trusted brands and companies that we work with. Make48 exists due to the contributions of individuals and companies that support the initiative of our competition. To learn more about the businesses we believe in visit Make48.com.

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