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The Innovation Generation Contest

How would you like a brand new makerspace at your school? Now is YOUR chance to vote for the school you think deserves a makerspace.

Thanks to Discovery Education and Stanley Black and Decker, they are holding a contest to build BRAND NEW Makerspaces for TWO lucky schools! Head over to the Innovation Generation contest and vote. The winning school(s) will receive a $25,000 Makerspace!  

You may be asking yourself what IS a makerspace? Makerspaces provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design and experiment in science, engineering and making. These spaces often include 3d printers, cnc machines and other high tech tools, but they don’t necessarily have to. Many libraries have expanded to include makerspaces into their communities, such as the one at Johnson County Library

Also called fab labs or hackerspaces, makerspaces are growing at a fast rate. In 2014, President Obama hosted the first-ever White House Maker Faire and issued a call to action that “every company, every college, every community, every citizen joins us as we lift up makers and builders and doers across the country,” as well as proclaiming a National Week of Making around the country in 2015.

Often tied to STEM or STEAM learning, schools are using the maker movement to foster creativity and some schools are using makerspaces as part of their methodology for teaching the curriculum. They’re an excellent way to introduce students to engineering and building technology as well as focusing on hands-on learning and innovation. 

Educators who are leading the ‘maker movement’ in schools believe that students, from every background, across the country, are the ones who need to lead the future. Leaders of this initiative are changing the educational landscape by engaging children in discovery-based learning. They encourage them to learn not just by watching, but by doing – to not only consume, but also create. 

In 2019, we will bring you twelve teams of college students from around the country. Make48 was created to educate the world about invention, from planning, prototyping and marketing- and partnering with educational institutions around the nation seems like a perfect fit.

Team members as young as eight, have participated with their families or friends at our competitions. We believe in the importance of makerspaces in education and engaging students by building and creating. And as one of our founding fathers said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Innovation Generation aims to engage and excite educators and students in grades 6-10 and empower the makers within so make sure to VOTE for the school or schools you think deserves this amazing opportunity!


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