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2018 Make48 Community Gift Ideas!

‘Tis the season for good tidings and gift buying. More and more Americans are more conscience about where they’re spending their dollars, and we at Make48 heartily agree. So this season, we decided to build our own holiday gift guide. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, these gifts are great for all occasions and all year-round. Three of our team members looked at five companies that have supported innovation, makers, entrepreneurs and small business. 

The Handy Camel: With one foot on the steps of innovation, and another on the steps of inspiration, the Handy Camel strives to bring you some of the most brilliant innovative products & gifts you’ve seen! Their impressive selection of unique gadgets and home & garden tools is a testament to their ability to conceive new ideas, and a shining example of how their efforts turn them into a full-fledged reality. 

Amy Gray (Event Coordinator): My pick is the Renegade Broom!  It works great on light snow and can be used this time of year as well as the usual fall cleanup. Designed like a rake but works like a broom, its arched bristles get more surface contact, picking up dirt and debris that a traditional broom leaves behind, meaning less work for you!

Cassandra (Marketing Coordinator): The Heel Seal is the ONLY drain cover with silicone edge that helps create a perfect immovable seal on smooth surfaces. The Heel Seal was created by team, Marquee Design, from Season 1!  As one of the winners, they’ve been able to see their idea come to life and be sold to you. 

Corin (Professional Studies Intern): Peel and Stick Sanding Gloves will be great for projects. And they were created by one of our Season 2 teams, Team Believe! 

QVC: Quality, Value and Convenience. Who hasn’t heard of the conglomerate QVC who re-invented home shopping? As one of our underwriters, QVC looks for products that are different and problem-solving. QVC connects with their customers via authentic stories, interesting personalities and award-winning customer service. 

Amy: The Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa Voice Remote.  We love to stream our TV!

Cassandra:  NFL Ultimate Fan Reversible Hooded Full Zip Jacket. Everyone in my family is a huge Kansas City football fan and it can be for men and women. 

Corin: Fleece Earbags by Sprigs. So cute and doesn’t mess up the hair! 

The Grommet: The Grommet shines a light on great ideas and the people behind it. Co-founded by CEO Jules Pieri and Chief Discovery Officer Joanne Domeniconi, their mission was to launch undiscovered products and help them succeed. Their team spends hours, searching for the best and unique products of each discovery that are intriguing, smart or just plain fun. You’re bound to find that special gift for even the most difficult to shop for person!

Amy: Gardeners Goat Skin Gloves were designed to fit a woman’s hands and the way women work. It would be perfect for me to wear to trim all my roses. Created by the company, Womanswork, it’s women-owned and run, so they know what women want in a gardening glove. 

Cassandra: Perfect for camping! The CasusGrill is an Instant Biodegradable Grill. Completely natural and biodegradable, when you’re done cooking, toss the grill into a campfire or trash bin, knowing it will naturally decompose.

Corin: The MacBook Charging Cord Winder is an extremely practical gift for anyone with a MacBook. 

Ace Hardware: With over 5,000 independently-owned stores around the world, Ace Hardware have a loyal following. Operated by hard-working, local entrepreneurs you can find an Ace in almost every major city. They offer a wide variety of paint, lawn and garden, tools, local niche services and virtually anything you’ll ever need to fix, repair and maintain your home. And of course, Ace is most certainly the place with the helpful hardware folks!  

Amy: The Yeti Rambler Beverage Holder keeps drinks cold for hours!

Cassandra: The perfect place to shop for my dad.  His favorite, the Black and Decker Cordless Drill.

Corin: Garant Yukon Ergo Plastic Snow Shovel. My dad would love this! 

Amazon Launchpad: Amazon Launchpad is a program for startup products funded by crowdfunding, VCs, or incubators. Their mission is to support entrepreneurs by providing resources and their expertise to sell and deliver innovative products to millions of Amazon customers. Their selection of innovative products showcase the brightest startups.

Amy: My pick from Amazon Launchpad is the Dash Air Fryer. We can enjoy our favorite fried food without the guilt!

Cassandra: Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit – Build A Wand.  You’re never too old to learn how to code. And so much fun for any Harry Potter fan.

Corin: The AquaSprouts Garden  is a self-sustaining aquarium where the fish fertilize the plants and the plants clean the water for the fish. It’s a great gift all year-round, even for dorms!



We hope you enjoyed our Make48 Community Gift Ideas. There are many home inventors and small businesses that are designing the next big idea, including home inventor’s Kenneth and Erica King and their product, the Karving King (as seen in the video below.) We wish you the happiest of Holiday’s and a Happy New Year! 






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