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2019 IP Resolutions

Patent attorney, Andrea H. Evans, wants inventors to approach the new year with strong goals and insight. Named one of the 2018 top Influencers of Law by the Business Journals, and one of our patent attorneys at the Make48 competitions since 2017,  Andrea wrote the following blog on what inventors and entrepreneurs need to do to take their idea to the next level.

Everyone’s got a big idea! But often, big ideas never see the light of day because inventors do not know what to do with their big ideas. Let’s face it, burying ideas in your backyard or just keeping your ideas in a journal won’t get you too far. Also, if the invention is patentable, waiting to file a patent application may jeopardize your rights. The US Patent system is a first-to-file system. Simply put, this means that inventors should be the first to file when trying to obtain a patent.

As 2019 approaches, it’s time to reflect on your intellectual property goals. What did you do right? What did you do wrong? Did you do anything at all? The invention process is a process and even though you witnessed inventors going from a concept to an actual physical invention in 48 hours on Make48, it typically takes more than 48 hours just to invent a good invention!

Good invention requires good, solid protection! First, it’s important to ensure that you have more than an idea or concept. Be able to describe the invention in a way that someone could actually make or use the invention. Then, ensure the invention is novel or new. If the invention already exists, then it is not patentable. Lastly, the invention needs to be non-obvious. Would the invention be obvious to one of ordinary skill in the art to make or use the invention? If so, the invention is not patentable.

Once you think you have the next best thing, conduct research. Free online tools such as google.com/patents or uspto.gov are great resources to conduct research. When you consult with a patent attorney, the research can be helpful to determine if the invention is patentable. An online search is not a substitute for a formal, professional novelty search, but if the online search is not favorable, you can move on to your next big idea or take the product directly to market, if you’re not infringing on an existing patent.

Simply put, as 2019 approaches, it’s important to take action. If you think you have a patentable invention, consult with an attorney to research and then file a patent application to secure a filing date. While your patent is patentable, you can seek out investors, if needed, or pitch or sell the invention.

Andrea Hence Evans, Esq. is committed to providing you with the personal and professional attention you deserve in order to create your own valuable and marketable intellectual property portfolio. Her services are easily distinguished from others. Working as a former Patent Examiner and Trademark Examining Attorney at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Andrea Hence Evans, Esq. utilizes her education, legal skills and resources, training, and hands-on USPTO experience to assist you in protecting your patent, trademark or  copyright. Andrea has volunteered her services with the Make48® inventor’s competition since 2017. To contact the Law Firm of Andrea Hence Evans for more information visit their website at https://evansiplaw.com/attorney-profile/, email info@evansiplaw.com or call (301) 497-9997.


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