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The No-Mess Dripless Cutting Board

By March 20, 2019General

Every March, thousands gather at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center, to view the latest in home goods and housewares at The International Home + Housewares Show.  The annual event includes keynote speakers, houseware professional demos and more than 2,200 exhibitors from over 45 countries.  The IHHS is THE trade show to celebrate houseware’s retailing and trends.

The trade show also showcases inventor’s latest creations in the Inventors Corner.  There, the inventors have the opportunity to network and present their products to buyers and distributors all over the world.  Pitch panels are another dynamic to the Inventors Corner and our Make48 CEO, Tom Gray, had the opportunity to participate on a panel with the The United Inventors Association , that included Warren Tuttle from Tuttle Innovation, Roy Morejon from Eventys Partners and others.  

One of the inventors displaying his product at the Inventors Corner was Kenneth King. Ken is the founder and CEO of The Karving King and the inventor of The Dripless Cutting Board. We met with him at the IHHS and were so impressed with his product and company.  I asked Ken more about his innovative, no-mess carving solution and what advice he has for inventors who are trying to market their ideas.

Eliminate the Mess with the Karving King Dripless Cutting Board

After two years of development, Karving King officially launched The Dripless Cutting Board.  Designed to answer the need for a no-mess carving solution, this large capacity cutting board not only cuts the mess but also eliminates the stress when carving everything from roasts, to fruits and vegetables. All the liquid juices are collected in the drip tray, instead of on kitchen countertops, making for a significantly improved cooking experience.  

“As home and professional cooks move away from wood cutting boards, we think this will revolutionize the cooking industry,” says inventor Kenneth King. “I think this is the last cutting board a cook will ever need to buy. Other flat cutting boards with a simple drip edge don’t come close to preventing the messy cleanup and are often made of bacteria collecting, non-dishwasher safe wood.”

Karving King was founded in 2017 as a result of the mess he created on his counters and floors when he used other cutting boards. A self-funded company with products Made in the USA, Kenneth created the product for the home cook, professional chefs and caterers. With an affordable price of $44.95, The Dripless Cutting Board has additional features including spikes to hold the food in place during carving, easy grip rubber feet and a removable drip drawer that can be used to store cutlery.

As a home inventor who has successfully marketed his product, I asked him what advice he has for fellow inventors and their companies.  “The best advice is to vet out your product to include research/background checks to see what is being sold on the market that is similar to your product. As well as compare price points, research the cost to manufacture your product to include material costs, manufacturing costs, shipping costs, packaging costs and fulfillment costs to sell your product.  And lastly, apply for a patent.”

One patent tidbit that Kenneth told us at the IHHS was, although it usually takes a year to receive a patent, Ken received his in a matter of months.  The reason it was accelerated is because he is over 65 years old. “If you’re over 65, you can get a patent in a matter of months…”  The United States Patent and Trademark Office has a special application for those over 65 that you can download here.

As far as inventors who want to see their product on store shelves, Ken has another thought. “Although many people want to sell their products through various retailers, one important way to get your product out to the market place is through E-Commerce.”  To see more about The Dripless Cutting Board, including a video demonstration, visit his website at karvingking.com and see for yourself how this multifunctional cutting board will transform cooking in your kitchen.




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