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An American manufacturing celebration is in the works this October.  The Made In America trade show will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Convention Center October 3-6th.  The 3-day event will celebrate the largest-ever showcase of American-made products.  I spoke to Brad Winnings, the COO of Made In America, about the trade show and future of manufacturing. 

Where did the idea of the Made In America trade show come from?  

The vision started 20 years ago when I saw a lame-duck congress at Christmas of 1998 give China Permanent most favored trade status.  I started buying domains relating to this subject, being one of them.  The long term goal is to build the largest online store of US-made products.  We felt the trade show would accomplish several things:

1) Develop relationships with manufacturers.

2) Establish or one of the other domains a go-to resource with regard to connecting the US manufacturers with consumers.

3) Gain the trust of the industry to be their distribution arm.

What can guests expect to see throughout the weekend?  

Hundreds of US manufactures and their various products, manufactures from all sectors of all sizes from Fortune 500 to small mom and pop businesses, from all parts of the country.  Go to this link for the variety

What US Manufacturing Trends will we see in the next few years?

We don’t have a crystal ball, but based on what we see there are strong indicators that the Trend of Reshoring with jobs and industries returning back to the US. will continue. We must protect and retain certain industries to protect the sovereignty of this country.

Is manufacturing coming back to the United States?  

Re-shoring is becoming more popular as we see the reinstatement of tariffs that were there prior to 2000, but at the end of the day, it is the US consumer that ultimately decides whether or not manufacturing is coming back.

Tariffs are only a part of changing the buying habits we currently have. We have a strong consumer education plan to encourage consumers to not only consider price and quality but to also consider origin. in fact make it a prime consideration.

Will manufacturing jobs be increasing across the country, in your opinion?  

As everyone knows the EDCs are vying for manufacturers to come and set up in their area.  The trend, seems to be, is to move out of states with high regulations and high taxes.  What makes it difficult for other areas is the legacy supply chain that are in the Midwest induces companies to set up there. 

Made In America 2019

A network of industry professionals, consumers and advocates will come together with 800 manufacturers and brands.  In addition to the exclusive Made In The USA trade show, there will be a legendary kick-off party featuring multi-platinum super duo Big & Rich and a special guest to celebrate American Made, free for exhibitors & guests!  A slate of cutting-edge educational sessions and keynote addresses will be held during the 3-day affair, as well as panel discussions featuring manufacturing specialists and professionals from key segments of the manufacturing community.

Inventors are invited to present their ideas and innovations at this largest-ever showcase and will be sponsored by the United Inventors Association.   “The Made in America Spotlight Pavilion will feature many new products, a series of educational speakers and this exclusive pitch panel organized by UIA. We look forward to a great turn out,” said President and CEO Don Buckner, Sr.

The Pitch Panel will be comprised by experts from the manufacturing and inventing community, including: 

Warren Tuttle — United Inventors Association (UIA) Board President and Open Innovation Director

Scott Hynd — Partner Brand Innovations and Board Member of the United Inventors Association

Tom Gray — CEO and senior strategist for Make48 and Handy Camel

Kedma Ough — Innovation Director for the Small Business Development Center in Mt Hood Oregon 

Sandy Cleary — Founder & CEO of SLC Group Holdings and Award-Winning Entrepreneur

Dara Trujillo — More than 28 years of retail, theme park (Walt Disney) and TV shopping experience creating worldwide concepts and products. 

“It is our sincere pleasure to be invited to participate in the inaugural Made in America Show in Indianapolis this fall,” said Warren Tuttle, President of the United Inventors Association Board of Directors. “Most independent inventors are very passionate about manufacturing their products in the U.S.A., and to gather companies and individuals together in one location that promotes such passion is historic.”

The trade show event will truly be the most comprehensive representation of American manufacturing and production ever in its purest form. To learn more about the Made In America Inventors Showcase, visit 



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