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A near death experience was the inspiration for the Trakbelt360.  While working as a forensic photographer for the fire department in New York city, Chris Landano was photographing the search for victims trapped in their cars being performed by firefighters.  In doing so, Chris became trapped, getting caught up on debris while trying to squeeze thru a cracked piece of concrete that led to a safe area away from the collapse zone.  While trying to free himself, the idea for Trakbelt360 was born.

The Trakbelt 360 allows trade professionals to access their tools and gear quicker, easier and safer than ever before and allows your tools to always be within reach without having to stretch or twist to get your gear.  

The patent pending track rotation system includes a belt and pouch holder system, that can hold any-size pouch or hand tool holster.  It will give you more versatility than ever before, with the option to easily rotate your pouches and put them where you need them, and when you need them.  The belt lets you lock them in place and allows you to remove any one of them without having to remove your belt.

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