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Trusslox Truss Bracing System

By September 25, 2019General


TrussLox Temporary Truss Bracing System works as a complete system for setting and securing roof trusses 24 inches on-center. When installing the roof sheeting, simply remove TrussLox Spread Bars, re-bundle with the TrussLox Carry Strap (included), store in your jobsite trailer to reuse on the next construction project.

Developed by Steve Ventling, a contractor/inventor since 1976, Steve was driven by necessity to find a device that would easily secure his building roof trusses in place. After using other temporary truss braces on the market, he realized the entire industry needed a better truss-bracing system. So Steve focused his efforts on creating a reliable, lightweight and durable tool that would easily brace trusses. After a long journey, Steve, along with his business partner Cynthia Hert, formed TrussLox LLC and their TrussLox Temporary Spreader Bar was awarded a coveted United States Patent!

 Advantages of the TrussLox:

  • TrussLox are light weight, each Spread Bar (SB) weighs only 1.34 pounds.
  • TrussLox System is fast and easy to install, each SB only takes seconds to tap onto the roof truss while on the ground, hoist the truss onto roof and secure into place.
  • TrussLox won the NAHB SAFETY Innovation of the Year Award: no worker needed in the peak to place and nail the trusses, no time and labor to measure and cut wood blocks. Savings add up with less man-hours, faster crane time & less material costs.


  • Return-on-Investment (R.O.I.) – TrussLox is a secure system that Contractors can accurately pin-point their exact cost savings through speed of set, less crane & man-hours and material savings and reusing the SB system. Most Contractors see an R.O.I. by using the TrussLox system in approximately 2 truss projects.
  • Safety is #1 – with no worker needed in the peak, no nailing required for blocks or metal brackets, TrussLox lessens the fall exposure risk by less workers required to set trusses thus saving money and time.
  • Reliable – in a world of increasing labor shortages, TrussLox temporary truss bracing system are the right tools for the job, utilizing only 2 workers on each side of the incoming truss.



Steve Ventling – President. Owner of High Plains Construction. Professional Contractor / Framer since 1976. Inventor of patented Tilt-Bilt Building Systems and TrussLox Temporary Truss Bracing Systems. Responsible for technical support, tool demonstrations, and new product design & development.

Cynthia Hert – Vice President and Managing Partner for TrussLox LLC. With a BSBA degree in Business Administration, Marketing and Economics, Cynthia manages the day to day operations for TrussLox. Previously she owned a regional marketing and promotions company that was sold in 2012. She is responsible for operations, business development, sales, marketing, website, social media, publicity, patents and trademarks, and brand development.

To purchase the Trusslox and/or to learn more about this device visit https://www.trusslox.com




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