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By September 25, 2019College Teams, General

12 teams came to compete at the Stanley Black & Decker Makerspace in Towson, MD.  This season teams are an exclusive group of talented and gifted college students from around the country.  With majors ranging from Architecture to Electrical Engineering to Interactive Arts, the teams all had the same goal…. To create and design a brand new product in 48 hours. 

The Big Easy is a diverse city and so were team members Luke, Kyra, Matt and Jesse.  With a Makerspace background, the students were ready for the opportunity to design a brand new product.  As a team, they look back at their time during the event. 


What made you want to be a part of Make48? 

  • I think we all wanted an opportunity not only to see what we were capable of, but to also learn as much as we could about the early stages of product development. 

What was it like working as a team? Was it what you expected? 

  • Working with a new team always comes with an adjustment period, but we were luckily able to get into a groove rather quickly. We couldn’t have asked for better group collaboration.

How did you go about putting your team together? 

  • Our school had a “try-out” competition of sorts, where we had 8 hours to create a product in a particular category. This was then followed by an interview. The final team was chosen from the remaining candidates.

What advantages did each of you bring to the team? 

  • Three members of our team work in Tulane’s MakerSpace and the fourth is an architecture major. We had a rather diverse medley of skills brought to the table, and we definitely allowed those to shine effectively during the competition.

What was the most difficult part about the competition? Roadblocks, setbacks? What came easier for your team? 

  • We can all agree that the most difficult part was trying to get enough sleep. We definitely had our fair share of setbacks, but we were able to budget our time quite well to maximize productivity. 

What did you learn from the Make48 event? Looking back, anything you would’ve done different?

  • We learned a ton about what factors need to be considered for a new product, as well as some valuable patent law information. If we were to do it again, we’d likely work to make our final prototype a bit more visually refined, as opposed to only demonstrating the concept of functionality.

Overall what was the best part of the Make48 experience? 

  • Our favorite part had to be seeing the vast diversity of ideas the teams came up with. It was amazing to see the creativity that can stem from only a given product category.

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