Woodworking Trends: The Benefits Of Sustainable Materials

By September 4, 2019General

With some basic tools and some good time spent researching DIY’s on YouTube, you can create your very own Home Goods worthy-wood decor in the comfort of your own garage.  

The trend has been building for years, with the move to synthetic and mass produced furnishings dying off, while organic and the simplistic style of wooden coffee tables and coasters, have become a staple in modern design.  “For 2019, there is greater interest in biophilia–emphasizing the relationship between humankind and nature, and the connections between the two,” says designer Angie Lee of FXCollaborative.  This look of bringing the exterior inside is being accomplished by wood floors, stone, daylight and plant life.

As crafters and makers alike begin to reintroduce the fine art of wood crafting back into their portfolios, we’ve looked for some tips from the experts to get started. 

I was able to talk with Missouri native, Melissa Miller, who along with her husband, Bucky Miller, have been a staple in the back side of the wood industry for 20 plus years.  “We have owned and operated Millers Rustic Sawmill for 6 years now.  The work we do at our sawmill provides beautiful kiln dried woods,” says Mellisa.  With the jump in demand for high quality raw materials to build with, The Millers have seen an uptake in business.  “I think the quality of handmade, custom furniture is something customers are willing to pay a little bit more for, knowing it should last a lifetime.  Custom wood pieces can be designed to fit into any home decor trend in my opinion and I think the natural element of wood is timeless.”

Besides the chic look of wooden furnishings, the back-to-nature trend has benefits for the environment and your pocket book.  With raw materials being bought from the source or from wholesalers, the various middle men of furniture production are cut out, saving on packaging and money.  Plus, wood is unique in its ability to be recycled or disposed of, without causing harm to the environment. 

Anyone can become a part of the trend, thanks to the unending library of do-it-yourselves and trendy blogs on the internet.  “The internet opens up all levels of skill-set for anyone who would like to take up the hobby,” says Melissa, “at the touch of a button a new DIYer can find about anything they are looking to learn and find it in a way they can understand it.  The hobby becomes accessible but the next step is having the tools, space and supplies to move forward with putting what has been learned into action.”

And thanks to Makerspaces opening up all across the country, anyone can have access to those tools — for a small monthly charge.  Melissa’s advice for anyone just starting out, is to “Gather information from other makers who are doing what you would like to do, ask questions and learn what you can.”  And for the more serious woodworker, “knowing details about the wood you’re using is important. We have customers who have never heard of kiln dried wood… and they are woodworkers.  When wood isn’t dried and a project is made…the moisture will eventually start coming out of the wood by cracking, warping and twisting.  Wood should be dried below 8 percent for most projects, and a moisture tester can be picked up at any big box hardware store.”   

So whether you’re amateur or pro, just finding out about the trend, or completely under a rock, wood has made a name for itself in 2019, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere as the new year approaches.  You can fill your home with “ Ornate wood trim, wood carving and heavily detailed wood pieces, custom dining tables and open shelving, mantle pieces, side tables, coffee tables, etc.” if that is enough to fill your craft time.


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    Hey dear, Thanks a lot for sharing such great stuff on woodworking. I have got some fantastic information in your post. I very agree with her saying “The internet opens up all levels of skill-set for anyone who would like to take up the hobby,” says Melissa, “ I also like your way of writing. Really, very convincing. Please keep updating with such kind of post more and more.

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      Thank you Robert. We’re glad you’ve enjoyed reading our blogs and we plan on continuing on writing more stories our readers care about!

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